Identifying Energy Hogs First Step in Cutting Utility Bills

For property owners who want to save energy and slash their utility bills, the first important step is to figure out where their energy is going in the first place. They then need to focus on ways in which this energy consumption is higher than it should be under ideal circumstances.

In most cases, there are a number of culprits. The average home or business property has a variety of “energy hogs,” meaning areas that consume too much energy or result in wasting it needlessly.

Having a contractor or home inspector evaluate the property can be helpful, but in many cases a homeowner can easily spot the most obvious problems on their own. There are simple tools that can help property owners conduct their own energy audit. From a more informal standpoint, simply just doing a diligent walkthrough of the property can often help spot areas of concern. Being observant and watching for drafts, leaks or places where air may be escaping the structure can help identify places to start with repairs.

Making a few relatively simple steps such as adding spray foam insulation inside the property and within exterior walls can be surprisingly effective in reducing energy consumption.

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