Innovations in Spray Foam Equipment for 2018

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Innovations in Spray Foam Equipment for 2018

Just as the industrial age started a new era of machines at the turn of the 20th century, we’re going through another technological renaissance in the early 21st century. 2018 has seen a surge in innovations that are changing the way we communicate, travel, and build.

When it comes to construction, spray foam equipment is also experiencing a wealth of innovations that are making insulation projects easier and faster than ever before. At Intech, we offer the latest in spray foam machines, spray foam guns, and mobile rigs that align with these new trends.

2018 Innovations & Trends in Spray Foam Equipment

  • Less Downtime for Quicker Jobs – Contractors know that time is money, so brands are always finding ways to make the process seamless for a faster turnaround.
  • Low-Maintenance – Maintaining your equipment for peak performance takes time away from work. However, low-maintenance equipment reduces the need for constant maintenance, keeping you in the field and out of the shop.
  • Eco-friendliness & Sustainability – There is also an increasing pull to avoid or at least reduce VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions across all equipment brands.

Types of Equipment for Sale

When you check out the spray foam equipment for sale at our online store, you’ll find quality equipment that can be delivered to you in 24 hours, such as:

  • Machines/Proportioners
  • Spray Foam Guns
  • Mobile Rigs

What are the latest trends and innovations in each category of sprayfoam equipment this year? Here are the top trends for each product type.

Spray Foam Machines

Newest innovation:

  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Little Downtime
  • Low-Maintenance

Different models of spray foam machines are made to handle jobs ranging from small residential jobs to large commercial ones.

Intech carries proportioners that are air-driven, electric, and hydraulic. Air-driven proportioners are good for small jobs as they have the lowest power and are the most affordable. Electric output proportioners are a good choice if you want more power than air-driven units.

However, neither are as powerful as hydraulic machines.

As a result, hydraulic proportioners are taking center stage in 2018 for their excellent performance in high-volume jobs. These machines don’t require much maintenance and there’s little downtime during the application process, which means even big jobs get done more quickly compared to using other kinds of machines.

For example, Graco’s newest machine, the Gusmer H20/35, is a hydraulic machine that unites Graco’s highest performing pump line and a simple platform with point-to-point wiring.

Spray Foam Guns

  • Newest Innovation: Fusion Guns
    • Less Downtime
    • Low-Maintenance

Spray foam guns are a vital component to your equipment cache.  They spray polyurethane foam onto surfaces after being connected to the proportioning machine. Since the materials can’t stay in the gun for long, the leftovers need to be “purged” via air, solvent, or mechanically. If the spray foam is left inside the gun for too long, you can damage it.

One of the newest and most convenient kinds of spray foam guns are fusion type, like the Graco CS Plural Component Fusion Gun. This product contains ClearShot liquid cartridges that reduce the build-up within the gun, resulting in a low-maintenance piece of sprayfoam equipment. In short, it delays the need for maintenance for as long as possible.

Downtime is also reduced because of the efficient way in which fusion guns mix spray foam ingredients. This helps contractors make the most out of every minute on the job.

Equipment Rigs

  • Newest Innovation: Compact Units
    • Convenient
    • Eco-friendly (less gas to transport)

Mobile spray foam rigs are designed to conveniently keep all of your sprayfoam equipment protected and in one place. Rigs come in a variety of forms that meet your unique transportation needs. Rigs can come in the form of SPF roofing trailers, box trucks, or compact units.

Though trailers are the most common, smaller units are becoming more popular every day. Compact units are smaller versions of larger rigs. They are great for smaller jobs or can add versatility to the worksite because of their higher mobility and ability to fit into tighter spaces.

Also, smaller rigs require less energy to transport, making it friendlier for the environment because of lower emissions and fossil fuel use.

Get the Right Equipment in 2018

These innovations are redefining how we insulate walls, pipes, and roofs. We stand by the brands that we carry and take pride in our outstanding customer service. Intech Equipment is the only place you need to find high-quality spray foam equipment for sale. Contact us for more information.