Updates on Spray Foam Rig Innovations & Best Practices

innovations in spray foam rigsWhile you are looking for the best spray foam rigs for sale, it’s a good time to learn about the latest innovations in spray foam rigs and equipment.

Although what you need to spray foam for insulation or roofing is fairly stable–you need power, chemicals, a mixer, and a gun at minimum. New technological advancements can make this process easier, cheaper, and more effective.

Curious about the latest, most technologically advanced equipment on the market? Here are some of the highlights for 2018:

Akurate Dynamics Delta Proportioner

Intech Equipment is proud to include Akurate Dynamics products in its rigs. The new proportioner by Akurate Dynamics is the most advanced proportioning technology yet. This system is dependable, reliable, and effective.

Among other characteristics, this new proportioner improves safety around the handling and mixing of spray foam chemicals, provides automatic on-ratio spraying, and reports enterprise-level spraying data. These technological advancements mean that your spraying job will be finished quicker, with fewer failures, and with less material. This saves you both money and time.

This proportioner can be included in towable rigs (attached to a commercial truck) or box rigs (trailer usable with pickup trucks or vans).

Graco Gusmer H20/35

In contrast with the more complex system of an Akurate Dynamics proportioner, the new Graco Gusmer H20/35 shines by its simplicity and affordable price point.

The Gusmer is a hydraulic machine that focuses on providing a simple, point-to-point wiring experience for new and experienced contractors and employees alike. Its simplicity also means that the parts are robust and long-lasting. It is a perfect compromise between the durability of older machines and the reliability of newer spray foam rig technology.

Graco Reactor 2 App

With its Reactor 2 App, Graco gives contractors the power to control their spray rig with the touch of a finger, and in real time.

With this app, you can control the spray foam rig’s settings from a distance, without having to walk back to the rig itself. It will save you and your employees time that you can use spraying and getting the job done. All you need is a smartphone.

More Versatility

Aside from tech advancements from specific spray foam equipment makers, many spray foam companies have begun developing more versatile rigs that suit a variety of jobs.

In many new spray foam rig lines, you will find a small-, medium- and high-output rig already built and ready to buy. Given the expanding range of proportioners available on the market, it is easier than ever to buy a pre-built rig that will suit your needs just as well as a custom spray foam rig.

This means that contractors can become better construction partners by being able to use the rig best suited for the job, rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach.

Used Rigs Are Still Great Too

You can still find the best spray used foam rigs with excellent, if not the latest, technology. Used spray foam rigs have been refurbished to meet the demands of the job and are just as reliable and effective as their brand-new counterparts.

Used spray foam rigs are a great way to save money and reduce your ecological footprint. Intech Equipment has used rigs of all sizes and styles; just keep an eye on our used sales page for a constantly updated database of available used rigs for sale.

Assessing Your Needs

Before you buy any spray foam rig, new or used, you need to do a thorough needs assessment. Here are the five essential steps for this process.

Spray foam rig type. The first thing you need to decide is choosing between a towable, box, or compact rig. We’ve covered these options extensively in other posts, but here is a quick reminder: towable rigs are the biggest and require a commercial truck. Box rigs are smaller and can be hitched to the back of a pickup or van. Compact rigs are the smallest and can be loaded onto a pickup or in a van. However, box and compact rigs need an external source of power.

Maintenance. Another concern is about maintenance. How much money and time are you ready to spend on maintaining your rig? Some rigs require more maintenance than others.

Business needs. What type of business are you going to do with your rig? For small jobs, a compact or box rig is your best bet; for roofing work or large contracts, you are better off investing in a towable rig.

Crew safety. Make sure your employees are well trained in the use of spray foam rigs, that they keep the rig clean and ordered, and that first aid kits are available.

Climate. If you weren’t aware, the climate has an impact on the chemicals used for spray foam. Make sure you use the right chemicals for the climate you live in.

The Intech Equipment Advantage

Intech Equipment provides custom and used spray foam rigs but also the best customer and troubleshooting service available. Other companies tie you down by requiring you to buy their foam chemicals, but we let you have your choice of supplies so we can focus on the best quality rigs for your needs.

Contact our experts for the spray foam rigs you need to get the job done right.