Innovative Graco Reactor 2 Design a Big Hit

graco reactor 2 designIt didn’t take the new Graco Reactor 2 line of proportioners to become a big hit with contractors. That’s because this series of proportioners offers the attractive two-in-one configuration of both an electric proportioner and diesel generator in one combined package. This dual arrangement is attractive with contractors because it offers a convenient and cost-saving solution to their jobsite needs.

The machine has a smaller footprint than alternative setups, making it easier to accommodate in almost any jobsite. Then there is the terrific economic benefit. The system’s more compact generator uses less fuel than other standard machines, offering contractors the potential to save a lot of money—up to several thousand dollars a year, on average.

This series of generator-equipped proportioners is also full of many other great features and extras that can help streamline operations while eliminating many headaches for the user. The Graco InSite remote reporting technology lets contractors remotely monitor updates in real time, while also helping them to reduce wasted materials and better manage inventory.  Contractors will also appreciate the machines’ ergonomic design that provides for easier maintenance and service.

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