Intech Proud to Take Part in SprayFoam 2015

Intech Proud to Take Part in SprayFoam 2015At Intech Equipment & Supply, we greatly enjoy meeting our customers and the general public, and seize any opportunity to help educate professionals and contractors about the industry. We also feel it is our duty (and pleasure) to pay it forward and help express our gratitude for our success by in turn doing whatever we can to support other growing companies in our field.

That’s why we are always so excited when we have the chance to participate in a major event where a large number of contractors and building professionals will be gathered.

We had just such a rare opportunity in January, when we were able to actively participate at the SprayFoam 2015 Convention & Expo in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Considered one of the premier events of the year for anyone involved in the spray foam industry, SprayFoam 2015 attracted professionals from all over the globe. The event offered a wide variety of workshops and panels, and of course also provided a rare chance to network with hundreds of peers and professionals. In addition, many vendors and manufacturers were in attendance to demonstrate their latest products. Not surprisingly, spray guns occupied a large part of the spotlight at this event. Graco spray foam guns in particular are always of high interest.

Our team was especially honored to be selected by the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) to sponsor the Professional Certification Program (PCP) field exams. We helped administer these exams at the convention. As part of this process, we provided a mobile spray foam trailer. The trailer housed equipment that candidates operated to demonstrate their knowledge of spray foam equipment, materials and applications. We also had our own certified experts on hand to assist with the field testing and the operation of the spray foam equipment.

SPFA conducts the only certification program of its kind for professional contractors within the spray foam industry. Achieving SPFA PCP certification indicates the contractor has demonstrated an extremely high level of knowledge, skills and abilities. By overseeing the exam program at this event, we were able to play a vital role in supporting emerging talent and aspiring professionals in the industry.

Of course, another way we are able to support the spray foam industry all year round is by assisting contractors in finding the equipment and tools they need, quickly and efficiently. Among the items we have available are a range of Graco spray guns. To obtain these coating spray guns and any other type of spray foam equipment you may need, contact Intech Equipment & Supply.