Many Unique Properties Feature Spray Foam

Spray foam has become such a popular choice for insulation and roofing purposes that it is found in an increasingly high percentage of properties of all types and sizes. This includes many properties that don’t fall into the category of your typical run-of-the-mill house.

It is common to spot spray foam materials among the list of features when reviewing the highlighted elements for unique properties that boast cutting edge designs. This makes sense, in that builders and property owners who are interested in creative and innovative building techniques also tend to be enthusiastic about eco-friendly strategies and utilizing the very latest technologies.

This explains why spray foam is also found among a mix of features and products that combine to help achieve the ultimate in energy efficiency and conservation. Frequently, spray foam works in conjunction with other features such as solar heating systems, high efficiency windows and doors, energy efficient heaters and more. All of these elements work together as part of an overall process to achieve the best possible energy savings.

Spray foam and other green building features are often found in net zero buildings and other structures designed to be a prototype of what the ultimate energy efficient buildings of tomorrow can be. One such example is a striking and one-of-a-kind dome property in Indiana. The home features an unusual monolithic dome construction that makes it virtually impervious to all sorts of threats, including tornadoes and earthquakes, as well as termites and other destructive insects.

The home—which is on the market for a price of $400,000—also serves as a bed and breakfast where guests who are seeking unique accomodations can enjoy a stay that far exceeds any typical hotel environment.

The dome home’s new owners will get to see enviably low utility bills, allowing them to appreciate the benefits of eco-friendly elements built into the structure. This includes spray foam insulation, which keeps the interior cool and comfortable even during the hottest weather.

This is just one notable example of the many custom-designed properties that were recently constructed with spray foam. These properties require builders and contractors with specialized expertise related to the application of spray foam roofing and insulation. Those professionals will also need to have the required equipment necessary to complete these jobs. Among the most popular choices for this purpose is Graco equipment.

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