Mobile Spray Foam Equipment: Tips for Use and Maintenance

mobile spray foam equipmentSpray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation has been a groundbreaking advancement in the insulation space over the last few decades.

Due to its unique installation method, it is vital for SPF contractors to invest in the necessary equipment so they can offer this valuable service to their customers. Because it is still a relatively newer technology, some contractors are unsure of the maintenance steps required to care for their mobile spray foam equipment properly.

Here are a couple of tips to consider to help ensure that your mobile spray foam equipment stays in good condition:

Clean The Nozzle After Each Use

Your mobile spray foam equipment’s nozzle is one of the more common components that can suddenly stop working. During regular usage, it is sometimes possible for tiny fragments of sprayfoam to get stuck around the tip of the nozzle, which can eventually lead to a clog. A simple way to deal with this potential issue is to clean the nozzle immediately after each use.

To clean the nozzle properly, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for disassembling the sprayer as each piece of mobile spray foam equipment can be designed slightly different. Once you remove the various parts, scrub them with a microfiber cloth. Next, place the pieces in a cleaning solution. This solution will dissolve any remaining spray foam residue. Failure to do this step of the process can leave you with sticky areas on your nozzle, which can cause spray foam to build up.

Service the Motor Regularly

Mobile spray foam equipment requires a powerful motor to be applied correctly. However, it is easy for some SPF contractors to overlook the service needs of their equipment’s motor. Failing to maintain the motor properly can lead to bigger problems, which may cause the pressure of the foam coming out of the nozzle to decrease to the point where your SPF system is not usable.

However, by scheduling an appointment to have your motor serviced annually, you can help avoid this issue. The technicians that perform this work always inspect the numerous internal components of the motor carefully. If there are problems, such as warping or excess wear and tear, they can repair them before the system experiences actual issues on a job site.

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