Mobile Spray Rigs Offer Numerous Time-Saving Advantages

mobile spray foam rigsDo you daydream about having your own fully functioning spray operation on wheels?

A huge advantage for today’s roofing contractors or spray foam insulation businesses, mobile spray rigs can increase both the productivity and efficiency of a company by allowing job sites to get up and running quickly, and ensuring they keep operating smoothly with minimal downtime.

Mobile Spray Rig ABCs

A mobile spray rig is essentially a “self-contained complete job site,” all in one convenient and portable unit. The rig has all of the equipment necessary to complete a spray foam job, in a setup that can be easily transported to another job site. In addition, these useful containers also offer the advantage of a usable enclosed space within which important supplies and equipment can be stored securely and protected from potentially harsh elements.

Mobile spray rigs usually come in two forms: box trucks and towable trailers. The trailers are towed by pickup trucks and are the most common choice among contractors.

Mobile spray rigs offer contractors a number of time-saving advantages:

  • Spray rigs that are designed to incorporate generators allow contractors to arrive on a job site and start work immediately. And because a rig’s equipment stays connected and set up, there is no time lost messing with hose hookups or connecting utilities.
  • A large majority of mobile spray rigs are designed with workbenches and support tools to allow contractors to service equipment when needed, ultimately reducing potential downtime.
  • Mobile spray rigs can provide double protection for a roofing or spray foam contractor’s equipment. First, spray rigs shelter spray foam equipment from adverse weather conditions and the severe environment of a job site. In addition, mobile spray rigs can provide a secure location to store contractor tools, equipment, and supplies.
  • Finally, mobile spray rigs can provide contractors with marketing opportunities. The broad sides of mobile spray rigs are the perfect place to splash huge graphics promoting a contractor’s company and logo.

Intech Equipment’s resume includes designing and building hundreds of mobile spray rigs for commercial roofing and insulation contractors around the globe, as well industry relationships with the best in manufacturers and equipment dealers.

We provide custom-designed mobile spray rigs that are built at any of our five locations across the country. Each location also provides service, maintenance and repairs.