PMC Adds to Spray Foam Equipment Line

Contractors who are fans of PMC equipment now have one more thing to love about the brand. The company recently introduced its new PH-2 and PHX-2 plural component proportioners. This series is the latest addition to the company’s offerings of proportioners that combine value and performance. They are perfect for residential applications, such as spray foam projects, but can also withstand the demands of larger projects such as roofing jobs and commercial projects.

PMC says the PH-2 is the most affordable hydraulic proportioner with horizontal pumps. This machine also features a pressure balance control system, inlet monitoring and a countdown shutoff.

The PHX-2 also offers lots of value for the money and includes many of the same features, while offering capacity for higher-demand projects. Both machines have a small footprint that makes it easy to store them on the jobsite or transport them in a trailer. They require just 10 gallons of hydraulic fluid for operation.

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