PMC Offers Special Price Reduction On PH/PHX-40 Proportioner

PMC PH proportionerIn an effort to provide the best, most efficient equipment to the spray foam and coatings industry, Intech Equipment and Supply is now offering PMC’s PH/PMX-40 Proportioner at a considerably discounted price.

This Classic Hydraulic Proportioner is manufactured by industry-leading Polyurethane Machinery Corporation (PMC) and was “designed with the customer in mind” for high-output spraying of plural component coating applications.

Starting now through July 1, the list price of the PH/PHX-40 Proportioner is being reduced by over $3,000 to a total of $23,500. As part of the special, spray foam professionals can enjoy approximately $8,000 in savings on the list price over the majority of comparable hydraulic units available on the market today.

PMC’s PH/PHX-40 is a hydraulic, heated, plural component proportioner for spraying polyurethane foam and coatings. The proportioner, which features pressure balance control, an inlet monitoring system, TSU and recirculation valves, is ideal for large jobs such as roofing, commercial insulation and applying coatings to secondary containment tanks.

In addition to PMC, Intech Equipment and Supply offers a wide range of polyurea spray equipment. Visit our store today for more information.