PMC Proportioner: Made in USA and Built to Last

PMC-proportioner-USA-202x300When a piece of major equipment is a critical part of your operation, you want to be confident that it is up to the task. You most likely will make an effort to select equipment that can perform without fail, despite the considerable demands you may place upon it.

You can get a big headstart in achieving that goal by going right to the brands you know you can trust. PMC is one of the leading brands preferred by professionals in the spray foam industry. This machinery is manufactured in the United States, and is built to last. The company ensures that each item produced at its facility in New Jersey has been crafted and reviewed by skilled and highly trained workers. The process revolves around an emphasis on paying attention to detail, and high quality standards are the top priority.

All PMC products are designed to help contractors achieve peak productivity, and this equipment can help minimize downtime and avoid breakdowns. This in turn contributes to the lower cost of ownership boasted by PMC.

Contractors who want the best deal on a PMC proportioner or other spay foam equipment from that company should contact our sales reps at Intech Equipment & Supply or browse our online store.