PMC Spray Foam Packages: Accentuating the Positive

pmc spray foam equipmentWithout a doubt, PMC spray foam packages offer the best insulation value per inch, while offering more widespread applications than any other insulation on the market today. Yet, similar to any product that successfully grows, the product and process can draw its share of critics.

Because much of the public’s general perception of what spray foam can or can’t do likely starts from word of mouth, a personal experience with spray foam application, or what is reviewed or researched online, it’s vital that it culminates into a positive experience.

In most cases, people are just truly misinformed. In this case, as a spray foam contractor, it’s important to help the industry dispel any myths.

How can this be accomplished? First, determine if the customer’s point is valid. If it is, then you need to figure out how to overcome it.

At Intech Equipment, we understand that not all contractors industry-wide perform equal workmanship, even when using similar materials and equipment. However, the one thing a spray foam contractor does have complete control over is their own foam application process.

The key takeaway: overcoming negative perceptions starts with positive experiences for customers. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Understand your product application. Understand the unique benefits associated with spray foam and be able to clearly communicate these details to customers. Never let negative comments or concerns go unanswered. Learn and get to know your product and its capabilities.
  • Get to know your local code officials. Be sure to understand that the main purpose of building codes is to protect the public health and safety related to buildings. It’s prudent to cultivate a working relationship with architects, engineers and enforcement officials, especially when determining structural capabilities. Developing these positive relationships with these people can often make projects possible that may have otherwise been denied.
  • Be the best of the best. Remember: a great foam applicator will never be without a project to spray and job referrals will come from pleased customers. On the other hand, poor quality will only add fuel to a critic’s fire. Be sure all spray foam equipment – including pmc spray foam packages – and mandated compliance procedure are observed on every jobsite. It’s all about being a responsible contractor and taking the job seriously.

PMC creates a variety of spray foam and coating equipment, including proportioning machines, spray foam guns, transfer pumps and other essential spray foam equipment for roofing contractors. The company develops innovative new products based on insights gathered from contractors and other industry professionals. Contact Intech Equipment and Supply for details.