Polyurethane Foam Gun 101

SPFA NEMAAt Intech Equipment & Supply, we often hear questions from customers new to the spray foam insulation business about how they should choose the right polyurethane foam gun.

As you may be aware, polyurethane foam guns are used to apply Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation onto a wall or other type of substrate. The polyurethane foam gun is a crucial part of the overall process because it is where the spray foam materials meet and react. With SPF insulation, proper mixing is crucial to ensure the material properties are developed and maintained over the lifecycle of your project.

It is essential to select a polyurethane foam gun that applies spray foam according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, is easy to maintain, and most importantly, is easy to spray and operate.

Key Differences in Types of Polyurethane Foam Guns

Polyurethane foam guns typically come in the form of air purge, mechanical purge, and liquid, or solvent, purge. To choose the best polyurethane foam gun for your insulation business, we suggest you first consider your project types, and the various options available for each kind of gun.

Here are some key points about each type of polyurethane foam gun:

Air Purge Foam Guns

These spray foam guns are made to provide a better mix and reduce maintenance and downtime. They feature a long-life mix chamber and durable side seals. Additionally, they:

·        Are the most popular type of polyurethane foam gun on the market.

·        Use a blast of compressed air to keep the mixing chamber clean.

·        Are easy to maintain and require fewer parts than other polyurethane foam guns.

Liquid, or Solvent Purge Foam Guns

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, the liquid purge style polyurethane foam gun eliminates the step of drilling the mixing chamber. This method increases your spraying uptime, reduces downtime, and:

·        Utilizes less purge air than an air purge gun.

·        Keeps the mixing chamber clean, thanks to the solvent you dispense into the mixing chamber at each trigger pull, which removes build-up material.

·        Allows users to switch from small to large spray patterns easily.

Mechanical Purge Foam Guns

A mechanical purge polyurethane foam gun boasts a rugged design. It also offers reliable mix and material properties that deliver stellar results. This spray gun model also:

·        Gives you the widest range of flow rates among spray foam guns.

·        Uses a steel rod to push any residual material out of the mixing chamber to keep it clean.

·        Requires more parts and more maintenance versus air purge polyurethane foam guns.

We Make It Easy For You

Choosing a polyurethane foam gun is easy if you take the best brands, models, and styles into consideration, along with the specific types of projects you need to complete for your customers.

Intech Equipment & Supply provides an array of SPF equipment from multiple manufacturers. Our valuable experience helps us provide the expert service that our customers have come to know and trust.

From polyurethane foam guns and spray foam machines to pumps, heating blankets and everything in between, we are your one stop shop for spray foam equipment, supplies, and resources. Contact us today for more details.