Product Profile: Intech is the #1 Distributor for PMC

The PMC Proportioner PH-40At Intech Equipment and Supply, we are proud to carry only brands that have proven performance and an excellent reputation in the spray foam industry. If you need spray foam machines and parts that are fit for both big and small jobs, then PMC is a brand you can trust. The company has over 100 years of collective experience in the urethane industry and delivers in quality and performance.

If you want a wide selection of PMC products shipped to you quickly, shop with us. Intech was ranked the #1 distributor for PMC products for the year 2017 in domestic sales and continues to offer only the latest and best of the brand.

PMC: Where Experience Means Quality

PMC stands for Polyurethane Machinery Corporation and is a leading manufacturer of spray foam machines, rigs, and spray guns. The brand offers only the latest in spray foam technology. The brand manufactures a complete product line that include proportioning units, spray guns, or individual parts. Check out the selection of dependable PMC spray foam equipment that we have in stock.

PMC Spray Foam Machines

A spray foam proportioner is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your rig. Along with the proportioner, the heated hose system, spray guns, transfer pumps, and other auxiliary equipment fit perfectly. The rig organizes all the SPF contractor’s tools conveniently, in one place, so that the job can be completed on time.

PMC proportioner machines can apply coatings in both low and high-volume applications. The bestsellers in this product type at Intech are:

  • The PMC PH-2 Proportioner: The PH-2 proportioner belongs to the newest generation of PMC proportioners. It comes at an entry-level price but still offers contractors high value and great performance. Three key features are its pressure balance system, countdown shutoff, and inlet monitoring. It is lightweight and excellent for residential and light industrial spray foam applications.
  • The PMC PH/PHX-40 Proportioner: These are also hydraulic machines, but they belong to the PMC “Classic” PH Series. Both machines have been “designed with the customer in mind” to be easily serviceable and applicator friendly. Both the PH-40 and PHX-40 are equipped to meet the demands of high output plural component coatings applications.

PMC Spray Foam Guns

PMC Spray foam guns are known for their even application, ease of use, and durability. The best selling gun at Intech is the PMC AP-2 Series. These guns have a patent-pending design that has a separate chamber with a pattern control tip. This allows contractors to use a variety of spray patterns without any hassle. You can also make custom mixes with its blow back control feature. Here are other features of the AP-2 series:

  • Compact build- 7.5” (height) x 3” (Width) x 6.5” (Length)
  • Lightweight – 2.1 lbs without coupling block, 2.6 lbs with coupling block
  • Short trigger stroke helps reduce user fatigue
  • Replaceable handle
  • Adhesion-resistant gun finish makes clean up easy
  • Rotational head allows hose entry at top or bottom
  • Coupling block allows you to remove gun from hoses without a mess
  • Size and configuration of PCT can be adjusted from the outside of the gun
  • Maximum Working Pressure of 3,500 psi
  • Maximum Air Pressure of 125 psi
  • Maximum Production of 40 pounds per minute
  • Minimum Production of 3.3 pounds per minute

PMC AP-2 spray guns come with different specifications that suit different types of applications. There are many models that have different mixing chamber and pattern control tip combinations. To get the spray gun that meets the needs of your jobs, contact us.

PMC Parts

When you browse PMC’s manufacturer page, you will find pages and pages of products, many of which are listings of specific parts that are necessary for repairs or add-ons to your current equipment. These parts can correspond with the product’s exploded diagram or service manual. We make these guides readily available so that you can find the parts you need quickly and conveniently.

For example, the last few pages of the AP-2’s service manual list all the parts that the gun uses, including part numbers, so that you can order replacement parts with confidence. The parts that you can find for PMC machines and guns are included but not limited to:

  • Drill bits
  • Extensions
  • Orifices
  • Chambers
  • Hoses
  • Tips
  • O-rings

If you’re looking for PMC proportioner parts or components for your spray foam gun, we can help you. The professionals at Intech will be happy to guide you through this selection process.

PMC Products at Intech

Whether you need a new spray foam machine, to update the spray foam guns you store in your rig, or simply need a few parts to keep an older unit running great, we have the parts and products you need.

To find out more about PMC products, contact us today at Intech Equipment & Supply.