Product Profile: The PMC Proportioner PH-2

The PMC PH-2 ProportionerWhen you’re a spray foam contractor, having a functional proportioner is extremely important. Not only do you need a machine that’s easy to maintain, but it should meet the job’s practical needs. Can it fit in your rig? Does it satisfy the scope of projects that you typically do? How long do you spend cleaning and maintaining it per week? If your proportioner is a strain to keep up with, it’s time for an upgrade.

At Intech Equipment & Supply, we heavily vet every proportioner that we offer. The PMC Proportioner PH-2 is one of such products that we stand by for its outstanding quality and productivity.

PMC: A Brand Intech Stands By

PMC, Polyurethane Machinery Corporation, has over 100 years of combined experience in the urethane industry. In short, they know what they’re doing when it comes to designing and manufacturing spray foam proportioners. All their products are made in the USA and are the result of painstaking attention to detail, responsiveness to customer feedback, and staying on top of innovations in the spray foam industry.

PMC’s outstanding engineers offer a complete product line for Urethane Spray Systems which include proportioning units. A proportioner is a contractor’s go-to equipment that contains a heated hose system, spray guns, transfer pumps, and other auxiliary equipment that aids in the application of spray foam. Intech is a proud distributor of PMC spray foam machines, as we were the brand’s #1 distributor for domestic sales in 2017.

The PMC Proportioner PH-2

The PMC Proportioner PH-2 belongs to the newest generation of PMC proportioners. It is an affordable model that doesn’t perform like a bargain unit. Its entry-level price combined with its high performance makes it an incredible deal. This model is CE Certified, easy to maintain, lightweight, and easy to tuck away in your trailer. Here is how this product shapes up in terms of design, performance, and convenience factors.

Look & Design

One of the standout features of this model is its mobile, lightweight design that is easy to store and maneuver. Perfect for small-scale projects that require the utmost mobility and flexibility, this is the ultimate proportioner for the residential spray foam contractor.

  • Open-framed model with no frills.
  • Maximum weight of 415 lbs (without add-ons).
  • Divorced “Y” strainer means less stress put on the proportioner.
  • Has an outlet manifold with additional ports for future upgrades.
  • Small depth profile for easy storage.
  • New open clevis design.
  • Point-to-point wiring.


The PMC Proportioner PH-2 has plenty of features that increase its performance, especially for a small-scale residential model.

  • Pressure Balance Control (PBC) shuts down the unit when an imbalance in pressure occurs.
  • Opposed Piston Metering Pumps include ball checks that are durable and easy to service.
  • Different heater and pressure options mean that this model can process most foam coatings.
  • Great power and reach:
    • Max working pressure of 2000 psi.
    • Max output 28 lbs per minute.
    • Max hose length of 410 feet.
  • Needs only 10 gallons of hydraulic fluid to function.


When you’re in the heat of an ongoing project, you need spray foam equipment that makes the process as seamless as possible. The PMC Proportioner PH-2 has tools that make your job simpler.

  • An optional countdown counter allows you to pre-set the proportioner to interrupt the pump circuit before the drum becomes empty.
  • Digital automatic temperature control keeps your spray foam at the right temperature to prevent any unnecessary and troublesome maintenance.
  • Smart hose heat tap settings that correspond with the length of hose you are using.
  • Automatic ISO lube system applies the right amount of grease to the machine to reduce waste and guesswork.
  • Standard inlet monitoring kit makes sure there is equal pressure in both the foam concentrate and water inlets.
  • The proximity style reversing switches reduce the need for maintenance and servicing.
  • A better console without any delicate circuit boards and complicated displays.

Proportioners at Intech Equipment & Supply

To find out if the PMC Proportioner PH-2 is right for you, contact us at Intech. We can walk you through the selection process to determine whether this model is the right one for your contracting and spray foam application needs.

At Intech, you can purchase proportioners individually without having to buy total packages become unnecessary costs. We can also help you select the right add-ons and parts to any of your existing proportioners for any desired enhancements or repairs.

To find out more about the PMC spray foam machines and other similar products, contact us at Intech Equipment & Supply.