Product Profile: The PMC Proportioner PH-40

PMC Proportioner PH-40The PMC Proportioner PH-40

A spray foam rig is the most important part of a spray foam contractor’s equipment. It contains a spray foam proportioner, a heated hose system, spray guns, transfer pumps, and other auxiliary equipment that aids in the proper application of spray foam. SPF contractors need a good proportioner to apply coatings in both residential and commercial settings.

Intech Equipment and Supply is a proud supplier of PMC spray foam machines. PMC manufactures spray foam machines and parts that are known for their quality and performance. The PMC Proportioner PH-40 is a high-output machine that is suited for commercial spray foam applications.

PMC: Over 100 Years of Experience

Polyurethane Machinery Corporation, also known as PMC, has been in the urethane industry with over 100 years of combined experience. Their spray foam proportioners are top-notch because they are products of years of innovation and perfectionism.

PMC’s proportioning units to meet different output needs for varying spray foam applications. Intech has ranked as the #1 PMC distributor for domestic sales in 2017, and we continue to offer latest of PMC’s products to keep you in the cutting edge of your industry.

The PMC Proportioner PH-40

The PMC Proportioner PH-40 is the ideal machine for contractors who work with high-output roofing applications. It belongs to the next generation “classic” PH series, which has been manufactured with the user’s convenience in mind. Here’s a breakdown of its features.

The Design

Rugged, practical, yet with a professional appeal, this model rises to meet the challenge of high-volume jobs while still being user-friendly.

  • Redesigned electrical console to eliminate delicate circuit boards and displays.
  • Basic contractor rugged design means no frivolous parts to deal with.
  • Open Frame design makes it easy to access all the device’s components when it’s time to troubleshoot.
  • Dimensions: 40”w x 26”d x 52”h
  • Max hose length: 410 feet
  • Weighs 555 lbs
  • Point-to-point wiring makes troubleshooting easy. All of the proportioner’s components are easy to replace and find.

The Capacity

This model has the power and output to handle the toughest jobs you can take. The PMC Proportioner PH-40 comes with default settings that can be enhanced or customized upon request.

  • Default max working pressure of 2,000 psi.
  • Max output of 40 lbs per minute.
  • 120 Volt hose heating power.
  • Max fluid temperature of 190 F.
  • Different heater, pressure range, and ratio options can process most foam coatings.
    • 5 kw of heat
    • 2000-3500 psi
    • Ratios of up to 1:4 & 4:1

Additional Features

Though the PMC Proportioner PH-40 is tough enough to handle large commercial jobs, PMC has made sure that this model is easy to use. Convenience, ease of use, and smart features are key components of this model to ensure the highest level of productivity on the field.

  • New Reversing System ensures that it operates virtually maintenance-free.
  • Pressure Balance Control shuts the proportioner down if there is an imbalance in the system’s pressure.
  • Opposed Piston Metering Pumps make ball checks easily
  • Optional countdown shutoff allows you to interrupt the pump circuit before the drum becomes empty.
  • Digital automatic temperature control keeps your spray foam at the correct temperature at all times.
  • Convenient Sensors keep track of the hose’s temperature and can be easily removed or replaced.
  • Inlet monitoring system keeps the pressure of the foam concentrate and water inlets equal.
  • Automatic ISO lube system applies the right amount of grease to keep the machine properly lubricated and functional.

Optional Equipment

Like many spray foam machines, default products can be customized with add-ons. Here are some of the additional tools and features PMC can include with this model upon request:

  • Additional PMC Spray and Pour Guns
  • Material Transfer Pumps for 55- and 30-Gallon Drums
  • Additional heated Hoses
  • Recirculation Blocks
  • A Ratio Testing Tool
  • A Replaceable TSU Probe

Shopping at Intech

Selecting the right PMC spray foam machine for your business isn’t always an easy process. There are many factors to consider like cost, your desired tax deductions, and the demands of your projects.

Intech is proud to offer PMC’s quality line of products which include their top-notch proportioners. Our experienced staff would be happy to guide you toward your ultimate selection so that you choose the machine or parts that satisfy the demands of your spray foam applications.

PMC Proportioners at Intech

At Intech, you can purchase PMC proportioners and more without being forced to buy additional spray foam or rigs. We can also sell you a specific part if you simply need to repair your machine.

To find out more about the spray foam machines we have in stock, contact us at Intech Equipment & Supply.