Pros and Cons of New vs. Used Polyurea Spray Rigs

used polyurea spray rigsThinking of purchasing a polyurea spray rig? Should you buy brand new or purchase second-hand?

Here’s a list of the pros and cons of new vs. used polyurea spray rigs:

Buying Used Pros:

  • First and foremost, the price tag. There are great deals for used polyurea spray rigs and if you’re lucky, you’ll find a winning rig to along with a great price point. Regardless, the price of used polyurea spray rigs is less than the price of buying a brand new rig. Spray foam equipment depreciates in value fastest during its first few years. Buying used can allow you to purchase a reliable rig where someone else has absorbed the greatest depreciation costs.
  • Hidden gems. Used polyurea spray rigs don’t have to mean ‘unreliable.’ In fact, some suppliers guarantee a thorough inspection, product support and extended coverage for the purchase of their certified used rigs.
  • Increase fleet without breaking your budget. If the rig is in good condition and works well, then you can purchase more equipment, for less cost, and take on more work.

Buying Used Cons:

  • Unknown supplier. When purchasing a spray foam rig from an unknown supplier, you often don’t know how the previous owner operated, inspected or maintained the equipment. There are many precautions to take, one of which is questioning the owner. Ask the owner what he used the rig for and why he is selling it. Was he impressed with it? Of course, when asking these questions you are relying on the word of an unknown source, which is why it is best to have a reputable supplier inspect the equipment before you purchase it.
  • No warranty. For some used rigs from an unknown supplier, there is no warranty to ensure your satisfaction with the equipment, especially when you’re purchasing privately. When purchasing from a distributor or dealer, it’s best to negotiate some warranty into the purchase agreement to help protect yourself.

Buying New Pros:

  • Productivity. When you’re buying new, chances are that your polyurea spray rig is the latest model. The rig should be efficient, have the newest available features, and the risk of breakdowns and repairs is minimal.
  • Comfort of knowing you’re the only one who’s used it. There’s no need to worry about the spray rig’s history, use or current state.

Buying New Cons:

  • A newly customized polyurea spray rig can take longer to get. Backed up rig orders can sometimes mean a longer waiting period.
  • Cash Flow. When you buy a new polyurea spray rig, you likely have to pay the full cost of the investment up front – an undertaking many businesses simply can’t afford to do unless they take out a substantial bank loan.

Trust your polyurea spray rig investment to the experts with the knowledge and manufacturer support to assist you throughout your purchase process and beyond. Browse Intech Equipment and Supply’s online store today for tried and true polyurea spray rigs and equipment, as well as recently released cutting edge industry advancements.