‘R-Value Isn’t the Whole Story,’ According to Recent Reports

pmc spray foam equipmentDid you know that the spray foam insulation that many of today’s contractors use does not actually have a higher “effective R-value” than its tested R-value, according to a recent article in Spray Foam Magazine.

Rather, R-value, which is derived and documented based on a tested value, K-factor does not “magically” have a higher resistance than the value listed on a technical data sheet simply because some professionals think it’s better, the article states.

There Is a Difference Between Spray Foam and Other Insulations

The article’s author points out that, overall, spray foam insulation can handle all three forms of heat transfer, including:

  • Conduction, with it’s tested and documented K-factor and R-value;
  • Convection, because of its air barrier qualities; and,
  • Radiation, as the temperature of the exposed radiating surface is dramatically lowered.

For these very reasons, the author states, spray foam tends to always outperform other insulation materials. The author, along with other industry experts, is working to dispel the myth that a magical “effective R-value” plays up the materials to be more than what it is. Rather, he notes, spray foam can “fundamentally, scientifically, have an impact on all three forms of heat transfer.”

Using the Data for Marketing

The author of the article suggests that when working with a prospective customer to explain the difference between spray foam and other insulations, contractors and builders should try pointing out examples of overall thermal performance, as well as effective thermal performance.

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