Roofing Matters: The Risk of Heavy Snow

sprayfoam equipmentAttention contractors: If you have customers that have been putting off doing anything about their bad roof, they may not be able to ignore the problem any longer after this winter.

If the roof is old, weak or simply in poor shape, things will likely become even more unpleasant in the home this upcoming winter. Small problems might become big disasters, as major leaks could develop leading to serious and costly damages, and in severe cases, can jeopardize the integrity of the entire roof surface.

With heavy snow expected by forecasters to hit many parts of the U.S., a roof that has been barely hanging on may eventually reach its limit come this January or February.

Will Your Customer Be One of the Lucky Ones?

If a homeowner is lucky, he or she will take action before this type of situation reaches a serious point. Ideally, they research the best options for strengthening and protecting their roof, and creating the strongest possible layer of protection against the elements.

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roofing and coating is an excellent option. It not only provides a watertight membrane that offers the best possible protection against the elements, but as a bonus, it makes the property very energy efficient, resulting in considerable utility savings.

Another advantage: the application process is usually very fast, translating into less inconvenience for the home’s residents.

It’s All In the Planning

Of course, planning is vital because this type of roofing can only be applied during certain weather and temperature conditions. Yet, by making plans now, property owners can ensure they have a stronger, better roof before they inevitably face serious problems, such as major leaks or water damage.

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