Safety Supplies are Critical for Spray Foam Jobs

spray foam safety suppliesThere are a number of different types of equipment that are essential for performing spray foam jobs. This would include everything from spray guns and proportioners to generators, along with a host of smaller tools and supplies.

However, we would assert that the most important type of supplies for these projects—or any other type of construction job, really—is safety equipment. This type of equipment is crucial to protecting workers, while also helping to prevent dangerous conditions that could put the jobsite and everyone around it in jeopardy.

Safety equipment and personal protection supplies come in many forms. From items like protective clothing that you wear to things like safety railings, they all play a valuable role in establishing and maintaining a safe job environment. This type of equipment can prevent falls, eliminate tripping hazards, serve as a barrier between the worker and dangerous materials or conditions, and prevent employees from being exposed to dangerous chemicals or other substances.

Falls are one of the most common jobsite safety issues. To help bring attention to this danger, and ways to prevent it, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is once again hosting its annual Fall Safety Stand Down event in May. During this two-week event, participating companies will host topic talks, demonstrations and training on the proper use of safety harnesses and other safety devices and equipment designed to help prevent falls.

The National Safety Stand Down website has fall prevention guidelines, plus information for businesses and employees on how they can participate in this year’s campaign. There are also lots of valuable resources such as training materials and fall prevention videos.

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