Saving Energy with Spray Foam Machines

U.S. residents and businesses are making impressive strides in conserving energy and being smart about ways to reduce their energy consumption, a recent study shows.

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy noted in a recent report that energy efficiency was cut nearly in half over the 35 year period since the organization’s inception. According to the report, even though actual energy usage rose by 26 percent—no doubt due at least in part to growing commercial activity in major cities, along with a general increased reliance on mechanical appliances and electronic devices—energy efficiency dropped by almost 50 percent.

The organization credits this improved efficiency to a number of factors including market forces and policy impacts. However, a push toward energy-saving efforts likely gets much of the credit.  “We conservatively estimate that about 60% of the improvement in energy intensity is due to efficiency improvements, saving consumers and businesses about $800 billion in 2014,” Steven Nadel , ACEEE Executive Director, wrote in a recent blog post.

One major factor that is supporting this growing trend toward more responsible energy usage is the popularity of energy efficient building tactics and materials such as spray foam.

In fact, the report concludes by noting, “There are large and cost-effective energy efficiency opportunities that collectively can reduce 2050 energy use by 40-60% relative to current forecasts.” One of the specific tactics mentioned was the evolution of new building design to zero net energy and ultra-low energy buildings.

While a net-zero home or building is still a very ambitious and perhaps not totally practical or realistic goal for most people, nearly everyone can take a few simple steps that can make a big difference in cutting their energy usage.

Spray foam is becoming a top choice among homeowners and businesses as an effective choice when used for insulation or roofing purposes. This material is well-known for its ability to create an airtight barrier that keeps the elements out while keeping heating and cooling in.

As spray foam becomes in higher demand, contractors see an increased need for equipment that can help them complete these jobs quickly. Spray foam insulation rigs are a critical part of the process, as they provide a way for contractors to get job sites running quickly and keep them moving efficiently.

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