Should I Invest In Used Spray Foam Equipment?

used spray foam equipmentAll too often, we see contractors invest in used spray foam equipment for about half the cost of new ones, but then have to dole out big bucks on repairs that they could have used to purchase brand, new rigs.

Does that mean we are not advocates of buying used spray foam equipment? Not at all.

In fact, here are our top five reasons why you may want to consider buying used spray foam equipment:

  1. The equipment has been completely refurbished by a reputable equipment distributor that offers a warranty, and is priced at about 50 percent of the cost of new equipment.
  2. If it’s not refurbished, the spray foam equipment is deeply discounted to approximately five to 10 percent of the original costs.
  3. You (or your team members) have excellent mechanical skills and experience with used spray foam equipment repair and maintenance.
  4. You don’t need the equipment immediately, and can take the time to carefully inspect it, as well as make the necessary repairs and parts replacements.
  5. The equipment is geared toward your application and business.

When Investing in Used Spray Foam Equipment, Proceed With Caution

If you decide to buy used equipment, the key is to plan on re-conditioning it just like an equipment distributor would.

Factor in time to dismantle the mechanical elements of the proportioner and transfer pumps, replace seals, screens, o-rings and any other parts that are worn or damaged. Remember to check out the electrical continuity, breakers, circuit boards, heating and elements. Finally, break down the spray guns and clean and replace parts as needed.

The bottom line: with used spray foam equipment, be cautious and diligent. And always know your limitations – and those of equipment.

At times, it may make more sense to purchase used spray foam equipment rather than new equipment. At Intech Equipment & Supply, we aim to provide affordable pieces of equipment that can be relied upon for years to come. Contact us today for details.