So What’s In Your Toolbox?

spray foam partsWhether your spray foam job takes place indoors or outdoors; or, whether it’s residential or commercial, there are numerous tools required to actually get the job done right.

A recent Spray Foam Magazine article highlighted what tools today’s busy Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation contractors should have on hand. So, whether you are looking to add a smart, new gadget to your current toolbox, or you are new to the SPF business, here’s a list of five tools that can help you better streamline your job:

  1. Plastic sheeting and tape. As you may know, SPF “overspray” can lead to major damage to a building. In an effort to prevent this, many SPF contractors drape plastic sheeting over areas they think need the most protection.
  2. Backpack blowers/brooms. The cleaner the surface, the smoother the SPF application. With this said, backpack blowers and brooms are key tools SPF contractors should have on hand, especially in spray foam roofing jobs.
  3. Power washers. These are typically used in many SPF roofing applications. Industry experts have discovered that high-pressure water flow against the substrate can provide a good solution to clear the roof of any lingering debris or dirt.
  4. Moisture strips. Whether it’s for roofing or an insulation job, a substrate should always be moisture-free. If it does have excess moisture, the application can be ineffective.To prevent this situation, many contractors use moisture strips to detect if the substrate has any moisture content. If it is discovered, it must be removed manually, before the job is even started, in order to be completely effective.
  5. Industrial fans. As you may be aware, ventilation is crucial during interior SPF applications. For this reason, many contractors choose to place industrial fans –before spraying even starts – to ensure all dust and vapors are drawn away from crewmembers, as well as the work area.

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