Spray Before You Pay: AP-EX Special Promotion

PMC-Intech-DealerPMC announced last month a special promotion on its AP-EX Extension Spray Gun, including a Solvent Flush Pot, effective now thru July 30.

As part of the unique deal, PMC is inviting spray foam professionals to test out one of its AP-EX Extension Air Purge Gun for 60 days. After the trial period, if you like the AP-EX, you can then buy it. And if you don’t like it, you can send it back (and you owe nothing).

PMC’s innovative system allows several advantages for the applicators of foam and coatings, including :

  • Less need for ladders and scaffolding, which improves safety and reduces set up time
  • Allows easy access to difficult substrates
  • Simplifies overhead spray work
  • Gun nozzle is farther from the applicator, with less material “blow back”
  • Adjustable angle of spray head, 0, 45 & 90 degrees

The new AP-EX Extended Reach Spray System improves productivity and safety at the same time. It has excellent reviews from customers who have purchased it, and is now standard in select mobile spray systems.

If you would like more information about this, or any of PMCs supplies and equipment, including PMC spray foam rigs, contact us today.