Spray Foam a Remedy for Rising Utility Bill Frustrations

Spray Foam a Remedy for Rising Utility Bill Utility-related expenses are one of the most significant costs involved with maintaining a home or commercial property. Depending on a number of factors including the size and location of the property, these bills can often be quite sizable. In many cases, they may even take a new property owner by surprise.

As this article notes, many property owners across the country are becoming increasingly frustrated—and in many cases, fairly angry—about the seemingly never-ending rise in utility costs. While some fortunate customers of energy companies that have managed to lower rates are celebrating, many others are shocked to discover how much their utility bills are soaring.

Rather than just accepting this situation and writing out big checks to their utility companies, many people are deciding to fight back and try to win the battle against high energy bills. They are trying to accomplish this goal by doing whatever they can to reduce their energy consumption. To that end, they are employing a wide range of tactics to lower their total energy usage.

There are a variety of options available to property owners who want to conserve energy, and they range from small, minor fixes to major undertakings. The best choices will often depend on the budget and how big of a project the property owner is comfortable with tackling.

Property owners can consider all of the available options, which could include things like installing solar panels or (on the more affordable and easier end of the scale) opting for energy-efficient doors and windows.

One of the first steps, particularly for an older property or one that hasn’t been renovated in a while, is to examine the structure’s current energy usage and try to identify areas of waste. This often isn’t too difficult for a property that was built more than a few years ago. Older properties tend to have drafts and other issues that can allow air to escape. They also may not have been insulated in the most effective manner. It is also possible that there has been damage over the years that had a negative impact on the home’s ability to retain heat and cooling.  In addition, the roof may have become damaged or weakened over the years.

All of these conditions can translate to mean wasted energy. Anything that allows air to enter or escape the interior of a structure will result in lost energy and wasted money.

The good news is, there are some relatively easy and very effective ways to improve the energy efficiency of both new and existing properties. Spray foam is one of the most popular solutions. This can be a great choice both for insulation and roofing.

While spray foam insulation and roofing are terrific features to include in the building plans for new construction, they are also popular choices for upgrading existing properties, as well. That is because spray foam is so easy and convenient to apply in general, in a variety of scenarios. Spray foam insulation is very efficient for retrofit applications because it is so easy to apply in tight, cramped spaces. Among its most attractive characteristics is its impressive ability to squeeze into spaces that are difficult to access, and then expand to fill cavities and crevices.

Likewise, spray foam roofing can be applied quickly and easily. It is often applied on top of an existing roof surface, eliminating the need for a total tear-off and saving considerable time and hassle.

In all cases, the most important thing to the property owner is that spray foam can help them realize a dramatic reduction in their energy usage and utility bills. In this way, spray foam can serve as a powerful remedy for those utility bill frustrations.

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