Spray Foam and Global Energy Efficiency

Spray Foam and Global Energy Efficiency Conserving natural resources and reducing energy usage are high priorities for countries around the world. Energy efficiency is important to people in many areas, both for environmental benefits and to help reduce property maintenance costs.

There is a finite amount of precious natural resources that all of us on this planet must share. At the same time, pollution and environmental damage caused by burning fuel has a widespread negative impact on all global citizens. It is to everyone’s benefit when all regions of the world are working together towards enacting and embracing new strategies for energy savings.

To that end, we are seeing a noticeable increase in the coordination of large-scale events designed to foster idea-sharing alliances involving brilliant leaders and inventors from a geographically diverse pool. These gatherings tend to attract a wide range of participants, ranging from pioneers in the industry to academic researchers eager to take part in paving the way for the next generation of future leaders who will create a new wave of advances in this area.

One great example of just such an event is EE Global, the 2015 Energy Efficiency Global Forum, which will be held in Washington, D.C. in May. EE Global is organized and hosted by the appropriately titled Alliance to Save Energy, a nonprofit consortium comprised of leaders from the governmental, business, environmental and consumer sectors.

Organizers of the conference say, “This exclusive forum is poised to bring its proven brand of high-level networking, partnership building, and action inspiring energy efficiency discourse to Capitol Hill and beyond.” Participation is by invitation only. The carefully selected group of attendees will be tasked with the goal of developing or identifying effective policies and then incorporating them into action strategies to propel the next generation of energy efficiency.

A main goal is the exchange of ideas for actionable steps that can help promote new innovations and resources related to energy efficiency. By incorporating the voices and input of brilliant minds from all over the world, this event encourages impressive brainstorming and collaboration that can lead to groundbreaking developments.

Major featured sessions of the conference cover topics such as shaping the utility model of the future, speeding up energy productivity, and driving global product manufacturers to identify and work to achieve substantial goals.

In addition, there are a variety of “executive dialogue sessions” that avoid the typical slideshow-reliant panel presentation approach and instead focus on discussions and interactive idea exchanges. Conversation topics include ways that energy savings can be realized by focusing on the efficiency of building systems.

While the focus on this event is primarily on the higher-level concepts and global issues that shape overall energy consumption strategies, it is likely that at various points in the discussion, participants will engage in talks about the more ground-level details such as specific innovative products that make energy efficiency possible for the average property owner.

It is probably no surprise that one product that has been getting a lot of recent attention, and often plays a prominent role in these types of discussions, is spray foam. Materials related to spray foam and designed for insulation, roofing and other structure-protecting purposes are well-known for their ability to drastically cut energy usage. These materials help support all of the major goals cited by people concerned with this issue—mainly, lower utility bills and reduced energy consumption.

Nobody wants to use any more energy than absolutely necessary, and reducing energy waste is something we can all support. Spray foam products offer an effective and relatively easy way to better insulate and protect properties, while greatly increasing their energy efficiency.

Contractors in the building, insulation and roofing industries likely share the concerns of these global leaders who take part in major events such as EE Global, but their main focus is on something a bit more local and immediate. They want to help their customers cut their utility bills while also making their properties more comfortable and better able to withstand the elements and severe weather conditions. With increasing frequency, they are turning to spray foam products to achieve those objectives.

Customers appreciate the significant savings they can realize as a result of using spray foam materials to insulate and protect their properties. Contractors who want to assist these property owners in achieving those savings benefits need the tools and equipment to complete spray foam insulation and roofing jobs. They can find everything they need at Intech Equipment & Supply. We serve contractors and building professionals all across the country, and can help you find everything you need to get your job sites up and running quickly.