Spray Foam Combines Roofing and R-Value

Spray Foam Combines Roofing and R-Value One of the major financial concerns for a property owner is the cost they will incur to maintain the home or structure. A big part of that involves the expense of utility bills. Needless to say, anything they can do to reduce energy consumption and lower those bills is usually very appealing. At the same time, they also are very concerned about protecting the investment they have in the property, and eliminating any issues that could allow damage to occur.

As colder weather approaches, property owners begin to start worrying about how they will keep that cold air from invading their property or damaging their roof. The answer to both can be summed up in a simple answer: spray foam.

Spray foam insulation helps keep energy usage from soaring during cold weather by preventing the drafts and leaks that can allow for significant air loss that represents a lot of wasted energy. This can greatly reduce the cost of heating the property in cold weather (or cooling it during warmer weather). At the same time, it makes the living space inside of the property much more comfortable.

Meanwhile, protecting the exterior of the structure with spray foam essentially boils down to a combination of two important “R words.” That would be roofing and R-value. Spray foam’s impressive R-value and well-known insulating properties allows it to provide incomparable protection against the elements. You might also include another r-word, rafters, into the mix because keeping air from escaping or entering under and around the rafters is an important priority.

In addition, spray foam roofing materials create a solid, durable membrane that acts as a protective cover that envelopes the home. Combined with the lack of seams that can create vulnerable points, this offers the very best protection against the leaks and water damage that can cause major problems during the winter due to melting ice and snow—or at any other time of year during storms or periods of heavy rain.

Contractors and roofing professionals who want to help their customers protect their properties can offer a valuable service by educating their clients about the benefits of spray foam roofing. As a bonus, these jobs can generally be completed quickly, with minimal disruption and inconvenience to the property owner or occupants. That makes customers very happy, and also allows the contractors to complete a multitude of jobs in a relatively short time.

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