Spray Foam Equipment: Benefits of an Integrated Reactor

Benefits of an Integrated ReactorSpray foam contractors who are interested in using one handy setup that can save them time, space and money would probably want to consider an integrated reactor proportioning system. These machines were created with the needs of busy and budget-conscious professionals in mind, and can change the way your business operates.

The integrated reactor design is one that combines an electric proportioner,diesel generator, and compressor into one convenient package. This innovative approach is a practical solution that saves contractors space, weight and money.

By pulling heat from the engine to warm the materials, it reuses heat that would otherwise be wasted. This conserves energy and can help you realize fuel savings. This also reduces the electrical demands on the generator, allowing you to use a smaller generator than would otherwise be needed. More precise controls and advanced software enable these machines to offer better spraying performance than you would typically see in first generation electric Reactor (trademark logo) systems.

At Intech Equipment & Supply, we have a wide variety of Integrated Reactors from Graco (a leading name in spray foam equipment) that offer a choice of many different features and options. Our staff members would be happy to help you find the particular model that would best fit your needs and your budget.