Spray Foam Guns are Small But Mighty

Spray Foam Guns are Small But MightyYou might say that spray foam guns are the unsung (and sometimes overlooked) heroes of many construction or renovation job sites. Most contractors who specialize in jobs involving spray foam or other sprayed application materials will certainly be quick to rave about the spray foam guns their crew members use on the job. In most cases, it would likely be difficult for those contractors to imagine how they would complete these jobs without these handy pieces of equipment.

Spray foam guns may not look imposing, but they pack a big punch. There is a lot of power concentrated into that compact package. These spray guns allow materials to be applied quickly and efficiently. Because they make the application process so accurate and exact, they can also reduce waste. Plus, most of the latest spray gun models are also designed to reduce downtime and keep maintenance to a minimum. All of this adds up to greater productivity and reduced costs, both of which tend to make contractors very happy.

Intech Equipment & Supply has a wide selection of spray foam guns, including the very latest Graco models, so contractors can be sure to find the ones that best meet their needs.