Spray Foam Insulation Rigs Help Create Zero Energy Homes

A new Utah home has been getting a lot of attention, partly because the organizations responsible for building it say it could represent a new trend toward building homes with virtually no carbon footprint.

Dubbed the Zero Home, it takes its name from the fact that it is net-zero energy efficient, meaning all of the energy the home consumes is produced by the home itself in the form of renewable resources. This is the first net-zero home in Climate Zone 5 (the country is divided into eight temperature-oriented climate zones).

The home was built via a partnership between Vivint and Garbett Homes. While there have been other net-zero homes constructed in various parts of the country, the companies involved said this home is unique because it was designed to be replicable, affordable and scalable. In other words, it represents a budget-friendly approach to net-zero building that can be easily copied.

One of the features that helped the Zero House achieve that distinction is the use of spray foam insulation to help make the walls airtight. This helped conserve precious heat during cold weather.

Like many similar large projects, this building effort required an assortment of spray foam equipment, which may have included mobile spray rigs. Intech Equipment & Supply is a leading distributor of spray foam insulation rigs, and can design a spray rig to meet your specific needs.