Spray Foam Machines with an Integrated Reactor

Spray Foam Machines with an Integrated Reactor Spray foam contractors need essential equipment in order to serve their customers, but at the same time they need to be financially prudent. Each piece of equipment is important, but also requires a considerable investment. If you can opt for one machine that combines several features or accomplishes more than one goal, this can reduce costs while making things easier.

With spray foam projects, among the main pieces of equipment you will need are proportioners, generators and compressors.

Some machines offer an integrated reactor, which means the proportioning system includes both an electric reactor, diesel generator, and a compressor in an innovative and efficient design that can save you money while also offering ultimate convenience. There are fewer individual pieces of equipment for you to buy, maintain, store and transport.

This clever design also lets you repurpose wasted heat, meaning you can save energy. This results in less fuel usage, which in turn translates to savings in the cost of conserved fuel.

One popular line of machines that features an integrated reactor is the Graco Reactor 2 series of proportioning systems. These machines are geared to help your business run smoothly while keeping costs as low as possible.

To order a Graco machine with an integrated Reactor or any type of spray foam equipment, visit the online store at Intech Equipment & Supply.