Spray Foam Plays Role in Tiny House Compound

Spray Foam Plays Role in Tiny House Compound You may have already seen the stories about a development that has become nicknamed “bestie row.” This cluster of tiny homes in Texas was created by a group of friends who wanted to build a collection of small and efficient homes where they could all live in a unique sort of mini-community.

The group embraced the “tiny house” movement that has become trendy right now. They wanted small homes that were sustainable, energy efficient and that encouraged a minimalist and earth-friendly lifestyle.

The tiny homes have an industrial look that is inspired by the silos and agricultural structures that are so common in the region. A “green” approach was important to the property owners and their designer, so there are energy efficient features in the designs, as well. Water conservation is an important priority in many parts of the country today, so the roofing system is designed to collect and recycle rainwater.

With the Texas location, staying cool and comfortable is also a big consideration. To solve that challenge, the builders chose spray foam insulation, which helps keep the interior of the cabins cool during the area’s steamy summers. These tactics aren’t just good for the environment. They also help all of the friends of “bestie row” keep their property maintenance costs as low as possible.

Conserving energy and reducing utility costs are important concerns for all property owners, regardless of the size or location of their homes or buildings. Spray foam equipment—like that we offer at Intech Equipment & Supply—can help upgrade properties to be more energy efficient quickly and without a lot of hassle.