Spray Foam Training and Certification Opportunities

SPFA certificationsThere are certain characteristics that define you as an SPF roofing professional. These factors act as points of reference for both existing and prospective customers alike.

For example, your customers want to hear about your SPF company’s demonstrated excellence in past projects, positive customer referrals, as well as the fact that you carry proper business insurance. And while each of these factors carry weight, so too do SPF industry credentials.

Yes, it is very likely that you have a professional contractor’s license, but do you have something more specific to differentiate you as an SPF roofing professional? Something that shows your proven knowledge, skills and abilities?

If you are a professional SPF roofer or insulation installer, the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) offers a unique opportunity to contractors. All you have to do is pick your level and start working toward an SPFA Professional Certification Program certification by going HERE. The program is available to non-SPFA members, but does offer deep member-discounts to SPFA members.

Here are a few more details about the certification:

Individual Certifications

SPFA Professional Certification for Insulation

SPFA Professional Certification for Roofing

SPFA Professional Certification for Field Examiner

Documents to complete each certification level (Click on your level to download):

SPFA PCP Assistant Certification
SPFA PCP Installer Certification
SPFA PCP Master Installer Certification
SPFA PCP Project Manager Certification
SPFA PCP Field Examiner Certification
SPFA PCP Contractor Company Accreditation
SPFA PCP Supplier Company Accreditation
SPFA PCP Supplier Representative Certification


The SPFA’s Professional Certification Program (PCP) is the only one of its kind for the professional SPF industry. It is international ISO-17024 standard compliant, an accomplishment that brings rigorousness, credibility and comprehensiveness to the program.

The professional certification program has a variety of categories and levels to accommodate the diversity of the SPF workplace. The core of the program is focused upon the professional contractor and provides for two tracks, including insulation and roofing.

For more information about professional SPF roofing certification programs, or to learn about Intech Equipment and Supply’s wide range of roofing equipment, contact us today.