Spray Rigs Can Help with Commercial Property Bills

Spray Rigs Can Help with Commercial Property Bills As winter nears, that means the cold weather that it brings to many parts of the country has already begun to arrive. For property owners, this often means an increase in utility bills as their furnaces and heating systems crank up to full power in order to keep the property warm enough for the occupants’ comfort.

While this can be a major budget consideration for individuals who own their homes and other residential property, it is also a big concern for companies that own commercial property. Buildings used for offices or industrial operations can consume quite a bit of energy, not just for heating and cooling but for all other aspects of their operation. Most businesses require a considerable amount of energy just to power their basic daily functions, whether that be maintaining large pieces of industrial machinery or just keeping computers and other electronics running smoothly.

Major expenses such as utility costs can have a big impact on a company’s budgetary planning and financial outlook. Rising utility costs will have a significant effect on the bottom line, and might make the difference between the company being profitable or not. In addition, revenue that must be used to pay for these expenses is then not available to fund other business moves, perhaps including potential hiring for new positions.

Data seems to indicate that this is an increasing challenge for many companies. Recent research from sources including The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International show that utility costs are rising by quite a bit in many sectors. BOMA reports that year-over-year utility expenses for office buildings jumped a whopping 7.9 percent. At the same time, the reports show that many companies are experiencing a trend of trying to fit more employees into a specific space, which in turn puts an increased demand on heating and air conditioning systems, leading to a cycle of continuously rising utility expenses.

Adding to the challenges, many of these businesses are under mounting pressure to cut expenses and maintain a leaner and more efficient operation. So it isn’t surprising that managers and financial officers are eagerly seeking all possible options that would help them cut down on the energy usage and utility expenses related to maintaining the commercial buildings.

One very popular strategy is to investigate possible building upgrades that could offer the potential to cut energy consumption. As with many residential property owners, many businesses are very interested in trying to make their buildings more energy efficient. This also helps support the earth-friendly philosophies that many companies are embracing today. For this reason, pursuing and implementing energy-saving tactics is a win in many ways for the companies who make that a priority.

An effective way to help decrease energy consumption is to make buildings more airtight and eliminate the volume of air that can enter and escape the interior of the structure. This is particularly important with sizeable buildings of significant square footage, where the potential air loss could be quite large.

Using an effective insulating material when building or improving these facilities can have a surprisingly big impact on the amount of wasted energy that can be saved. Spray foam is well-known for its ability to prevent air loss and create an airtight barrier. When used as an insulation option and/or roofing material, spray foam can offer the potential for impressive reductions in energy usage.

Commercial property owners would be wise to look into the valuable benefits that spray foam can offer in improving their properties and making the operation much more energy efficient. These projects can be completed relatively quickly, provided the business uses a contractor who has the proper equipment. The spray foam equipment used for these projects would include things like spray foam rigs, which make things much more convenient.

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