Sprayfoam Insulation Certification from the SPFA

spray foam trainingProfessional contractors interested in receiving recognized credentials and training in the spray foam insulation industry may want to look into a popular certification program offered by SPFA, the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance.

One of the most recognized and well-respected certification programs of its type in the industry, the SPFA says its professional certification is designed to be the most rigorous, extensive and defining program for SPF professionals around the globe.

The program offers four certification levels for spray foam insulation professionals: SPF assistant, SPF insulation installer (apprentice level); SPF insulation master installer (advanced level), and SPF insulation project manager. Certification for each level is based on passing the exam(s) for that particular level. The pre-qualification for each level is successfully passing the previous level examination/criteria. Additionally, other pre-qualifying requirements include completion of certain OSHA courses and documented SPF spray experience meeting certain minimums with regards to board feet.

The tests are geared to cover the wide range of skills, abilities and experience that professionals in the spray foam industry need to master in order to perform their job duties in the field safely and accurately. For example, the certification program for the apprentice-level insulation installer covers topics, including SPF Chemical Health and Safety, Jobsite Health and Safety, General Health and Safety, Basics of Spray Polyurethane Foam and Jobsite Set-Up Procedures.

Certifications for all levels require a written exam. Candidates must attain at least a minimum passing grade in order to get credit for the certification. Furthermore, certain job titles, such as a master installer, also must complete a field examination, which involves completing certain critical tasks that are performed on the job, such as operation of spray guns and other equipment, and breaking down a jobsite at the completion of a project.

There is a fee for each specific exam, plus optional study guides that can be purchased at an additional cost. SPFA members can take advantage of discounted fees for certain exams, products and services. Certification program exams are available online, but certain requirements must be met for remote monitoring of the exam to confirm identity of the tester, and to conform to ISO-17024 procedures.

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