Steps for Protecting Your SPF Insulation Company’s Reputation

SPF insulation companyIt’s something we are all familiar with: the naked truth. Or, what someone truly thinks of your products, your services and your company.

Unfortunately, negative reviews and comments can sting. And worst of all, they can appear in a matter of seconds thanks to the advent of social media (a great thing, until it turns against you).

So, what can you do when your company’s reputation is suffering at the hands of others? There’s actually plenty you can do, including the following:

  • Develop a solid game plan. First, uncover everything negative that is being said about your Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation company. Spend time researching your company name online, taking notes of what you discover and where. Always resist the urge to immediately respond to anything. The key is to be strategic, not act with impulse.
  • Automate your company. What does this mean? Sign your SPF business name up for Google Alerts – that way, if new content mentioning your company shows up online and Google recognizes it, the search engine will send out an automatic alert letting you know. There are also a variety of other free and paid services that can monitor online search terms and review sites for mentions. If you are serious about managing your SPF company’s online reputation, these services can be extremely valuable.
  • Roll up your sleeves, start problem solving. If reviews, for example, state that your customer service is unsatisfactory, start training employees to resolve this matter. Or, if people complain about working for your company, investigate the issue.
  • Be transparent. Always involve your team and share your improvement plan. Why? You can reach your goal faster if everyone in your company understands what it is, and is working together as a team.
  • Answer the reviews. Once you have a clear sense of everything happening with your company, and you are on the road to ironing out any wrinkles, get back to the initial customer reviews. First, thank your reviewers for alerting you of any problems, and include something good about your company, too. Second, describe what you have done to prevent the issue from occurring again. Finally, ask the reviewer to give your company a second chance.

Finally, always resist the urge to be judgmental or to correct your customers. True, customers can be incorrect at times, but pointing it out never helps. Instead, take the opportunity to be helpful, professional and polite, as well as solution-focused. As a result, the people who rely on customer reviews will recognize your efforts, and your company will come out winning in the long run.

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