The Benefits of Using Graco Sprayers

graco spray foam You need the best equipment in your spray foam rig to apply spray foam evenly and quickly. Using a run-of-the-mill sprayer can result in project delays due to long downtimes and frequent maintenance. However, at Intech, we stand by the Graco brand. They have been manufacturing modern spray foam equipment for over ninety years, and their sprayers are durable and efficient.

Save yourself time and hassle by investing in a quality sprayer from Graco. We carry different types of spray foam guns that can meet the demands of the small and large commercial jobs. Here are the benefits of using the Graco Sprayers that we have in stock.

Types of Graco Sprayers

At Intech, we carry a variety of spray foam guns.  All our Graco Sprayers can effectively apply commercial roofing and insulation.

  • Fusion AP – Fusion Air Purge guns aren’t just the top choice of experienced contractors, but they’re also known in the industry for their easy maintenance and high quality. These sprayers can be cleaned quickly and don’t clog easily, which boosts your productivity.
  • Fusion CS – This model is equipped with Graco’s ClearShot Liquid Purge cleaning technology. Clear Shot keeps the mixing chamber free of build-up and foam. As a result, this product experiences less wear and tear compared to standard spray foam guns. In fact, this advanced cleaning method can save you an hour a day on maintenance.
  • Probler P2 – This popular gun weighs less than standard sprayers, which makes it easier to handle than heavier guns. If you need to target specific areas with precision, this lightweight gun can target hard-to-reach areas while still exerting over 300 lbs of force. The Probler P2 is also easy to maintain and has swappable chambers for added speed.
  • G-X7 – This mechanical purge model is specifically designed to handle strenuous jobs. If you want expert control in patterns and mixing, then you’ll love the G-X7’s internal impingement mixing capabilities. It’s also equipped with adjustable air cap cleaning and user-friendly filters which reduce downtime on the job.
  • D-Gun – This plural component spray gun is the running favorite for small to moderately sized jobs. Its mixing chamber’s sizes can also be adjusted to precisely apply materials and meet the demands of various jobs.  It can also mechanically self-clean without needing to be flushed with solvents.

When you browse our selection of sprayers, you’ll notice that there are many models listed under each product type. To figure out which gun or part you need, we have uploaded detailed exploded diagrams that will help you identify your sprayer and its components. In addition, our customer care team is always on standby to help you find the parts you need.

The Benefits of Graco Sprayer

Your sprayer is your lifeline on the job. Using a Graco Spray Foam Gun offers contractors many benefits that save them time, frustration, and money.

  • Less Downtime
    • Easy to Clean
    • Less Maintenance
  • Even Application
  • Long-Lasting Products

Less Downtime

When you can spend hours cleaning chambers and maintaining subpar sprayfoam equipment, upgrading to a modern sprayfoam gun that is self-cleaning can make the difference between staying on schedule or running late. When your reputation brings you business, having the right equipment will result in more satisfied clients.

Guns like the Fusion CS can save you up to an hour a day on maintenance, which over the course of a month can add up to a day’s worth of time per sprayer. When time is money, faster turnover means everything.

Even Application

You don’t just need power when applying sprayfoam, but you need an even application with a predictable and controllable output. Graco spray foam guns are trusted for their ability to apply spray foam evenly and uniformly without fluctuations in pressure and force.

Ultimately, the quality of the job depends on the effectiveness of your gun and its ability to regulate the application of spray foam, otherwise, errors can slow down your progress.

Long-Lasting Products

Graco is a quality brand that is backed by over 90 years of history and a strong reputation in the sprayfoam industry. When you invest in a Graco spray foam gun, you end up sparing yourself future hassles like spending more time cleaning, maintaining, or repairing faulty machinery. Graco sprayers are built to last and are backed with long-term warranties that ensure that you get the most value for your dollar.

Graco Spray Foam Guns at Intech

Todays’ Graco sprayers have evolved from decades of perfecting sprayfoam technology. At Intech, you can purchase Graco sprayers individually without having to buy total packages that are attached to sprayfoam or rigs. We can also sell you individual parts if you need to simply need to repair your equipment.

To find out more about the best Graco sprayers, contact us at Intech Equipment & Supply.