Tips for Maintaining Your Graco Spray Gun Parts

Proper maintenance of your Graco spray gun parts ensures they continue to work properly. Each component must work well together to allow the mechanism to work.

Depending on the specific foam spray gun you own, you may be able to clean your spray gun within just a few minutes. It is always important to read through the owner’s manual of the specific model you have. These tips can help make the process a bit easier.

Recognize the Importance of Regular Maintenance

Perhaps the most important component of owning and using a foam spray gun is cleaning it after each use. These guns work by allowing two chemically based materials from mixing. Once they mix, the chemicals quickly work together to harden. This allows the foam to set to provide significant protection and insulation on the surface. However, any material left in the chamber will harden quickly, damaging the Graco spray gun parts. Clean the gun after each use to avoid this.

Notice Changes in Operation

When the foam spray guns do not work well, it becomes obvious. You may notice a change in the pattern of the foam. This indicates a need for the system to be leaned. Most often, the problem is within the mixing chamber.

Cleaning the Tip First

Of all Graco spray gun parts that matter, the tip is the most important area to clean routinely. This is where most of the problems start. Use a tip cleaner or a drill bit of the right size to clean out any material lodged in the tip of the gun. Do not use a tip cleaner with poor quality wires. These will break and lodge into the tip.

Remove Chemicals with a Wipe Down

After each use, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for ensuring all material is out of the chambers. Most will require air pressure or a large rod to move into place to push material out. However, small amounts can still linger. To remove it, use a spray polyurethane foam cleaner or solvent designed specifically for this material. In some situations, the use of WD-40 can also help to cleanse the interior of the gun. It is important to remove any type of chemical in a fluid state as well as any build-up present.

Look Over all of the Graco Spray Gun Parts Carefully

The cleaning process is the best time to notice any changes in the parts themselves. Small bends in the tips or a valve not closing properly can lead to complications later. Look for normal signs of wear and tear including:

  • Non-closing valves
  • Sticky or hard to move triggers
  • Seal cartridge breakdown
  • Missing o rings
  • Wear and tear on the o rings
  • Changes in the way other parts look or function including the spatter tip, flush manifold, and check valve

When wear and tear exists, do not put off replacing parts. The investment in new Graco spray gun parts is far less expensive than having to replace the system.

Steps to Avoid When Cleaning Foam Spray Guns

The foam spray gun you own determines the steps you need to take to properly maintain it. That is, differences exist between models. However, there are a few key rules to follow for all types of foam spray guns. Avoid these common mistakes when cleaning or maintaining your parts.

Avoid Most Solvents

Most solvents used to clean paint spray guns should not be used on a foam spray gun. Only select SPF-specific solvents. Even when you do, do not soak the o rings or other smaller parts in these liquids. They will break them down quickly. When using an approved chemical or solvent, simply wipe them down quickly.

Do Not Use Car Cleaners on Your Foam Spray Gun

Another key concern is using engine cleaning products on these spray guns. This is never recommended. Do not clean them using brake cleaner or carburetor cleaner. You can use WD-40 unless the manufacturer recommends not doing so for your model.

Avoid Shoving Anything Into the Chambers

The chambers of your foam spray gun are delicate and easily damaged. Avoid sticking anything into them to clean them out. This includes any type of drill bit or pipe cleaner. While you can clean the tip using the proper materials, you should do so very gently. It is common for bits to become lodged in these foam spray guns as a result of this type of shoving action.

You can minimize the cost of maintaining your spray gun with routine maintenance. It is often best to train one of your team members on how to properly clean Graco spray gun parts according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Then, ensure they train others in the same, approved manner. Not cleaning the spray gun parts, or doing so ineffectively, may void your warranty as well.

Graco’s spray guns are designed to be easy to maintain and quick to clean. Following these recommendations every time you use these guns ensures they continue to work properly for years to come.

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