Tips for Prepping Your Job Site

spray foam partsWhen planning to apply spray foam insulation to a customer’s home, one of the most important areas to focus on before you get started is job site preparation.

The good news: if the site is effectively prepared before you start your Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) application, the process will go much more smoothly, and you also will reduce the risk of hazards and injuries.

Here are a few factors we recommend that SPF contractors consider when preparing a home:

  • The building’ HVAC system should be shut down when working on the roof. This will prevent aerosols and vapors from the foam from flowing through the space. Plastic sheeting should be put in place after the HVAC system is turned off, and left in place for 24 hours after application is finished.
  • If the entire building is not vacated prior to the application, be sure to take measures to make sure vapors from the spray foam do not travel through the ventilation system to the occupied areas.
  • Designate a separate area for workers to take off and put on safety and protective gear. With this approach, you reduce the risk of exposure to the spray foam exhaust and encourage proper wearing of protective gear.
  • Identify surfaces that could possibly be damaged prior to starting the application. Take measures to protect those surfaces, like applying plastic sheeting or windscreens.
  • Observe the wind direction before you start any work, and use windscreens to protect from over spraying. Keep in mind: wind direction may change over a period of several days, so make sure you can move the windscreens to block wind from another direction if necessary.

Spray foam safety starts not only with site preparation, but also with using the best equipment and spray foam parts.

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