Top Five Considerations for Sprayfoam Equipment

Classic-Contractor-Mobile-Spray-Foam-Rig-Intech-Spray-Foam-EquipmentWhile some of today’s Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation equipment providers sell mobile rigs in the form of turnkey packages, many SPF contractors take it a step further when considering how to outfit their rig.

These forward-thinking spray foam contractors prefer to customize a new mobile spray foam rig with various components that uniquely match their overall business needs.

To help accomplish this feat, the Intech Equipment & Supply team of professionals methodically walks every contractor through the sprayfoam equipment selection process.

As a result, each contractor can base their sprayfoam equipment selection on their specific needs, versus sticking to “typical” standardized equipment packages.

Determining the Best Possible Sprayfoam Equipment for Your Specific Needs

Figuring out your equipment needs involves several considerations surrounding areas related to commercial or residential work; the application type, such as roofing or insulation; and, the estimated amount of time you expect to dedicate to each job. These factors directly relate to how you can effectively equip your rig.

Here are five considerations we encourage contractors to contemplate when it comes to selecting the right sprayfoam equipment:

  1. Part-time Versus Full-Time Work

If you are a contractor that handles random, part-time SPF jobs on residential projects that involve small- to medium-output applications, we suggest opting for a smaller, cost-effective electric spray foam proportioner.

However, if you work in a more full-time capacity, whether it is for commercial or residential SPF insulation, we suggest selecting a higher-output machine designed for larger SPF jobs.

When it comes to SPF roofing, we urge customers to consider a larger, hydraulic machine. With a high-performance hydraulic proportioner, you never run out of output.

  1. Hose Length

Application type commonly determines the length of hose you will need. For instance, with most commercial roofing applications, you need more hose than insulation applications. Yet, for residential insulation projects, approximately 200 feet of hose length should be ample.

For commercial roofing projects, we recommend choosing the maximum amount of hose possible, at least 400 feet or more, but it ultimately depends on the size of the roof.

  1. Spray Gun Type

There are a wide variety of amazing options when it comes to spray foam guns today. Over the last year, we have observed many of our customers opting for the Graco Fusion Air-Purge (AP), the Graco Clearshot, and the Probler 2.

The Fusion gun is the most popular SPF gun on the market. Why? Although it needs regular maintenance, it is very easy to use. Some contractors pick the Clearshot as it has built-in liquid technology that automatically cleans the mix chamber while you are using it, leading to less downtime. Still, other contractors pick the Probler P2 as they prefer the way it handles during applications.

  1. Generator Size

Graco recommends considering the following process to determine the correct size of generator for your sprayfoam equipment needs:

  • List system components that utilize peak load requirements (in watts);
  • Add the wattage required by these components;
  • Determine the answer to: Total watts x 1.25 = kVA (kilovolt-amperes);
  • Choose a generator size that is equal (or greater) than the kVA.
  1. A Nationwide Footprint

Many customers do not realize the impact and reach a nationwide sprayfoam equipment provider can have on their daily operations.

For example, at Intech Equipment & Supply, we have locations scattered across the U.S., and we can easily deliver parts anywhere in the country by the next day. If you are an East Coast contractor desperately in need of a particular part after 6 p.m. EST, one of our West Coast team members can ship your part with a goal of delivery by 10:30 a.m. the next day.

Also, if your spray foam equipment should break down, our team members are often located within just a few hours of your U.S. location. As such, we can be there to help with technical service and support that very same day, or the next day at the very latest.

Customer Service Is Essential

Everybody sells sprayfoam equipment, but the truth is that they do not often have the knowledge and service to back it up.

At Intech Equipment & Supply, we offer same-day and next-day service, along with expert troubleshooting, in person or via phone, across the U.S. We work with every customer to ensure parts ship right the first time. We also carefully walk our customer SPF contractors through the installation or replacement over the phone.

For more information about choosing the right sprayfoam equipment, contact us today.