Top Four Benefits of Used Mobile Spray Rigs

used mobile spray rigsWhen it comes to Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation, equipment size and weight can vary greatly. And transporting your valuable equipment and materials must be done safely, as well as in such a way that time is not sacrificed by multiple trips.

Mobile spray rigs that house your spray foam machine, compressor, generator and various tools are the standard for an increasing number of SPF contractors today.

A typical mobile spray rig includes a sectioned off work area with a toolbox; a sectioned off area for the machinery – pumps, compressor, generator and more; and, a material storage area. With all your spray foam equipment in one well-situated location, you can easily cut back on set-up time and get right to work.

Whether new or used, mobile spray rigs conveniently contain all of the necessary tools and equipment required for SPF application into a turnkey mobile system. Used spray foam rigs are generally configured in bumper-pull trailers, gooseneck trailers or commercial box trucks. And the type of application partially determines the size of the mobile spray rig you choose.

For example, commercial insulation or roofing projects are often larger than residential insulation projects; thus, they require a larger spray foam trailer or box truck that allows for more storage of materials. In fact, it’s not uncommon to spray anywhere from four to six sets of foam per day in these types of applications.

Planning Ahead Pays Off

Whether it’s to add to an existing fleet or to upgrade to meet rising customer demands, any time you consider purchasing a used mobile spray foam rig it’s important to consider all of your options in order to ensure you are making the right investment.

While a used mobile spray rig can be a great deal, it has to be available at the same time that you need it. Equally as important, it has to be able to handle everything you need it for.

Considering important factors like your equipment fleet, storage and parking accommodations, mileage demands and more will ensure that you purchase the right SPF rig the first time around.

Still not convinced? Here are several benefits of investing in a used (or new) mobile spray rig:

used mobile spray foam rigs

Benefit #1

The biggest advantage of having a mobile spray foam rig is that all of your SPF equipment is always set-up and stored together in, one easy-to-access place.

Mobile spray rigs containing built-in generators – which keep your equipment constantly connected – allow you to arrive on a jobsite and get right to work. There is no lost time running around searching for power, or wasting time hooking up material hoses and utility connections each time you return to a jobsite.

used mobile spray foam rigs

Benefit #2

New or used mobile spray rigs allow you to keep all your valuable SPF tools, equipment and material supplies in one locked, secure place. And with state-of-the art climate-control features, they also protect your supplies and equipment from harsh weather and common jobsite environments.

used mobile spray foam rigs

Benefit #3

Many spray foam rigs are designed to include work benches and other support tools so you can service your SPF equipment and spray guns as needed, all in one convenient, mobile location.

used mobile spray foam rigs

Benefit #4

A new or used mobile spray rig can be your best source of marketing and advertising. It is very common for SPF contractors to install larger-than-life sized graphics on the sides of their mobile spray rigs, featuring the company name, logo, phone number and website.

The Bottom Line

With a used mobile spray rig, you can maximize your yield and productivity in SPF insulation and polyurea applications.

Intech Equipment & Supply offers many different styles of standardized and customized new and used mobile spray rigs and trailers. Click here to see our line of  used mobile spray rigs.

Whether you’re a residential or commercial specialist, we can customize just the right spray rig to fit your needs. And regardless of whether you retrofit your existing rig, upgrade to a new or used mobile spray rig, or are entering the industry for the first time, we understand that it is your mobile office and your lifeline on the jobsite.

Taking the time to make an educated investment today, will pay off on future business down the road.