Used Gusmer Equipment is Budget-Friendly

Used Gusmer Equipment is Budget-Friendly Gusmer Corporation had established themselves as a respected leader in the spray foam and roofing materials industries. The company produced spray guns, roofing and spray foam machinery and related supplies that contractors have come to rely upon for their insulation and roofing projects.

For contractors in those industries, there may sometimes be a challenge in outfitting their jobsites with the top-notch equipment they need. They want the quality and reliability that the Gusmer name promised, but they are on a very tight budget which they fear will make this equipment impossible for them to obtain. Fortunately, there is a solution.

Buying used Gusmer equipment offers the best of both worlds. You can get the valuable equipment you need while staying within your financial limits.  Even if it has been gently used, you can still count on getting quite a bit of usage out of it.

Intech Equipment & Supply carries a large selection of used Gusmer spray foam machinery.  As with any of the items we sell, new or used, we stand behind every purchase and offer the service and customer care you always expect from us.