Used Spray Foam Rigs a Smart Financial Strategy

gusmer-spray-foam-rig-227x300Most business leaders are acutely aware of their bottom line, and are constantly monitoring expenses and spending to ensure they stay within budget limitations. For companies in the spray foam industry, one of the major expenditures is spray foam equipment. This is a core essential part of the operation, yet it can also involve significant expense.

One popular strategy is to opt for a spray foam rig, which offers an efficient and space-friendly way to package all of the equipment needed to run a jobsite into one convenient self-contained unit.

Spray foam figs can be cost-effective, as they are often less expensive than buying each individual component separately. However, they can still require a large investment, one that might be difficult for a smaller business to afford.

An option that can make a spray foam rig even more of an economical solution is to choose used spray foam rigs. In many cases, these units are almost identical to their new counterparts, but at a much more affordable price point.

Intech Equipment & Supply has a selection of used Gusmer spray foam rigs, along with models from other manufacturers.