Uses for Portable Spray Foam Machines

Spray Foam Machines Intech Spray Foam EquipmentAt Intech Equipment & Supply, we regularly encourage new spray foam insulation contractors to learn as much as they can about the importance of investing in a portable spray foam machine.

A portable spray foam machine ratios pressurizes, and heat sprays foam chemical. SPF contractors use portable spray foam machines to install insulation in new buildings, to do weatherproofing or retrofitting in an existing building, or to make roof repairs.

Most of the portable spray foam machines available on the market today come with a gun-hose assembly, nozzle tips in varying sizes, goggles, gloves, and instructions. Many distributors, including Intech Equipment & Supply, offer tech support.

Why You Should Choose Quality, Portable Spray Foam Machines

One advantage of using a portable spray foam machine is that it is easily movable. These machines are also easy to fit into small spaces, are lightweight, and require fewer workers.

Here are several typical applications:

  • • Caulking
  • • Cavity filling
  • • Air-barrier and air-sealant
  • • Condensation control
  • • Sound dampening

Equip Your Crews With the Right Tools

Having your SPF business and team equipped with portable spray foam machines can make a world of difference in your overall productivity and profit.

Intech Equipment & Supply offers an equipment solution for SPF businesses looking to expand their offerings or enhance their current SPF application equipment.

Contact us today for more information. Our online store features a range of portable spray foam machines. With options available in a wide variety of prices, there is equipment and parts available to fit within your budget.