What Happens If Your SPF Equipment Is Out of Warranty

Extended Warranty. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Lifetime Warranty. Most of us are familiar with this customer service-related parts and labor terminology.

However, as we have written about in previous posts, customer service is a phrase that gets tossed around a lot these days.

And, yet again, we pose the familiar question: Do any companies actually practice what they preach when it comes to delivering this type of “promise”?

In our latest research project, we’ve developed a new eBook: “What Happens If Your SPF Equipment Is Out of Warranty.

This eBook, which you can download for free here, highlights why the best kind of customer support goes the extra mile, encompassing everything that can help maximize the after-sales experience—from parts, parts delivery service and training to maintenance, repair and warranty.

Why Customer Support Often Fails

To many, product and equipment support only means parts, service and warranty. Why?

In the early stages of market growth, businesses and customers alike traditionally concentrated more on features and were concerned with just a few aspects of support, like parts and service. However, as the market has evolved and continues to mature, today’s customers’ needs are much more sophisticated.

At Intech, we understand and respect this customer evolution.

We Go Beyond the ‘Basics’

When it comes to making Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation- related purchases, we believe the best way to build customer loyalty is by not just honoring the terms of a warranty, but going above and beyond it.

A full service equipment and parts supplier, Intech Equipment and Supply features a wide range of industry manufacturers, providing the best in trusted industry equipment and backed by accessible, expert customer service. Our online store features equipment for spray foam insulation, spray foam equipment parts and turnkey mobile spray rigs, as well as traditional roofing equipment and safety equipment.

Let’s say you have a warranty issue and you purchased your mobile spray rig from our store, we stand behind what we sell you, and fix or replace any parts as quickly as possible. No questions asked.

With our easily accessible team of experts, there’s no red tape to navigate through. Furthermore, our knowledgeable, highly-skilled customer service representatives can effectively and efficiently walk customers through a repair over the phone the same day. And should your equipment issue require in-person assistance, we send technicians out to your location within one day.

Intech’s world class, technical support staff boasts more than 400 years of combined experience, complementing our main branch locations in three different time zones, including Arizona, California, Texas and Arkansas. This is what helps make us unique – to date, we are not aware of any other SPF equipment providers in the U.S. that provide more than one location.

Visit www.intechequipment.com for more information.