What to Look For In a Used Spray Foam Reactor

used spray foam reactorIf you are new to the industry, it’s important to learn about the many pieces and parts required to run a seamless Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation business.

For example, a spray foam reactor is a critical piece of SPF insulation equipment that maintains the proper temperature of the necessary chemicals and pumps them through a hose to the applicator. And thanks to many advances in technology in recent years, these invaluable machines produce consistent results time and time again.

Often referred to as proportioners, spray foam reactors are complex pieces of equipment. They require a comprehensive body of knowledge to not only operate and maintain, but also just to purchase. And, in some cases, it’s more cost-efficient for SPF contractors to invest in a used spray foam reactor versus a brand new piece of equipment.

When purchasing used spray foam machines, contractors should always first brush up on the major components that will impact virtually every aspect of the application process, from the maximum hose length to startup time.

Here are some important factors to consider when looking into a used spray foam reactor. Reactors, or proportioners, come in three styles:

Air Driven Machines

Pneumatic proportioners have two separate material pumps that are driven by one air motor simultaneously. They are capable of spraying any two component material system. An advantage to pneumatic machines is lower electrical requirements, which enables the use of a smaller, less expensive generator power source. These are often a good choice for turn-key, self-contained mobile spray rigs when smaller budgets are top of mind.

Electric Driven Machines

Electric driven machines boast two independent material pumps and are typically used in residential and light commercial applications. Outputs of 20-30 LBS/MIN are typical output capabilities. Keep in mind: since these machines have electric heaters and pump motors, they commonly require more power than other types of reactors, thus requiring larger generators.

Hydraulic Driven Machines

Hydraulic driven machines have independent horizontal hydraulic pumps that are electrically powered. These machines deliver consistent spray pressure and require very little maintenance. The heaters and control panel are electric, however, they typically require less power than comparably sized total electric machines.

The Bottom Line

When new contractors enter the SPF industry, there’s no question that the buying process can be complicated – especially because these professionals often lack the technical knowledge involved in buying the right machine. It can be complex as spray foam reactors have an array of available options: the type of pump, the pump size, the heating capacity, the control unit and more.

Therefore, it is important that prospective SPF contractors educate and prepare themselves to invest in a used spray foam reactor that best fits their needs and will hopefully serve as a foundation for a long, fruitful business.

At Intech Equipment and Supply, we believe that whether you’re purchasing new or used spray foam reactor, you should know exactly who and where you’re equipment is coming from. For more information, contact us today.