Why an Integrated Reactor is a Good Choice

Graco H-40Spray foam contractors rely upon several core pieces of equipment that serve a critical role in helping get jobs completed quickly. One of these vital pieces of machinery is a reactor. There are several choices among reactor types, but one particular option has received a lot of interest from professionals in the industry. That’s because it offers a cost-effective and practical solution for contractors seeking an easy way to get their job sites running.

Graco came up with a new, innovative approach that combines two types of reactor designs in one. The integrated reactor has both an electric proportioner and a diesel generator in one package. This type of reactor is efficient and a great money-saving option. It uses a system that repurposes wasted heat, which in turn can save energy. On a yearly basis, the savings realized by a contractor who opts for this type of reactor could total into the thousands.

The integrated proportioning system from Graco offers the flexibility to ensure it fits into any type of setup, and the needs of the contractor. It can be prepared for use independently on your job site, or as part of your mobile spray rig. And of course it also offers many of the popular features that Graco packs into each of its reactors.

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