Why More Contractors Choose Graco Spray Foam Machines

In recent years, requests for spray foam insulation have soared in light of the material’s excellent benefits to buildings. Spray foam’s lightweight, strong, and durable nature make it ideal for coating commercial roofs, insulating attics, lifting concrete, and waterproofing areas that are vulnerable to leaks. Since the demand for these solutions is high, more contractors than ever need dependable SPF equipment to do outstanding work.

This is why more contractors choose a Graco spray foam machine for their SPF business. The high-quality and dependable performance of Graco spray foam machines assures the most uptime, easy troubleshooting, and consistent, accurate results that contractors depend on to complete a job. This quality alone has made Graco spray foam machines preferred over other brands.

Seasoned pros look to Graco proportioners, guns, heated hoses, and other rig components to power their SPF rig. This reputation as an industry-standard did not happen by chance, but it was the fruit of many years of hard work and dedication. Check out a few more reasons why contractors choose Graco spray foam machines for their business.

Graco’s Expertise Makes Them an Industry Leader

Graco has been making spraying equipment for various industries since the late 1920s. Contractors in the painting, insulation, mining, aerospace, agriculture, and weatherproofing industries have found great value in having Graco equipment. Graco is best known for manufacturing pumps, paint and foam sprayers, and other liquid-handling equipment that are relied upon across various industries.

Spray foam contractors have especially found many benefits in choosing a machine that is manufactured by a company with decades of experience in many industries.

Graco equipment continues to be the gold standard of quality, durability, and performance that few other companies have been able to be astride with. Since Graco is an expert in fluid-application systems, its spray foam machines are top-notch. In fact, Graco is one of the industry’s pioneers and has used its expertise to make some of the most advanced and dependable spray foam machines based on its vast manufacturing knowledge.

Resilient Equipment in Harsh Environments

Graco was founded in Minnesota, which is known for its cold winters. The problems air-powered grease guns faced in cold weather prompted Leil and Russell Gray to form Gray Company, Inc, which would later become Graco after subsequent acquisitions. Knowing that the environment plays a real factor in the work of contractors, Graco has never lost touch with its roots as an operator in the field in all seasons.

This is why Graco products are made to last in extreme weather. Their high-quality results are consistent even in the height of summer or the cold of winter. Before Graco releases new products, the company tests and engineers its Graco spray machines, guns, and accessories to make sure they are reliable in the harshest environments. Solutions like heated hoses, easy QR code troubleshooting, and technology to assure proper ratio and pressure conditions all contribute to this top-quality resilience around the year.

Smart Equipment That Monitor Progress

Successful spray foam applications are the result of precise conditions being met to create a chemical reaction. All the components of a spray foam rig must work together to keep the material components in the right conditions to assure the spray foam comes out correctly. If the ratio, pressure, or temperature is not correct in any of the stages of SPF creation, the results can be poor-quality and cost the operator money and even the trust of a client.

Graco understands how much is at stake for its customers and has therefore equipped its products with smart features to prevent common SPF problems from occurring. These systems inform operators, which empowers them to make swift decisions to preserve the integrity of the project.

Here’s just one example of the many smart features Graco integrates into their equipment.

  • Resistance Control Mode: Graco’s heated hoses do a lot of the hard work in keeping materials at the right temperature for processing. Resistance control mode (RCM) is the temperature control technology in Graco’s heated hoses that can be used with all Reactor 2 spray foam machines above minimum software conditions. This allows you to control the temperature of the heated hose without using a fluid temperature sensor or an RTD cable. Being able to skip those steps and control the temperature easily reduces repair costs, increases performance, optimizes material yields, and allows you to have more control over keeping materials in prime condition.

Graco Spray Foam Machines For Sale

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