Your Guide to Graco Spray Rigs

Graco spray rigsWhen choosing new spray foam equipment to add to your fleet, it is vital to ensure compatibility and also to evaluate your business needs versus what the products offer.

As one of the most well recognized and trusted brands in the industry, Graco offers a full lineup of spray rigs, machines, spray guns, parts, accessories, and more for Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation and coatings. Intech Equipment and Supply has been a Graco Top 20 Distributor for seven years running, and our team of experts has developed outstanding relationships with the pros at Graco.

If you are in the market to buy or build out a new Graco spray rig, you must decide how you want to equip your rig to maximize your investment so you can work fast and efficiently.

For starters, you must first consider how you plan to use your Graco spray rig and what type of jobs you will be spraying. Are you a commercial or industrial contractor that works on large projects spraying air barrier systems or roofs? Or, perhaps are you a contractor who focuses solely on wall insulation or roofing jobs?

Powering your spray foam rig

Figuring out your need for adequate, reliable electrical power to operate your compressor and proportioner, as well as proper work lights, and other equipment will help you determine the ideal size of your compressor and generator. Options typically range from smaller, electric units, to gas compressors and generators. In some cases, options also include diesel generators coupled with an electric compressor for larger size, industrial projects.

Generator Size

According to Graco experts, contractors should use the following four-step process to determine the right size generator:

  1. Compile a list of system components and their peak load requirements in watts
  2. Total up the wattage needs of these components
  3. Multiply the total wattage by 1.25 to determine kVA,or kilovolt amperes
  4. Select a generator size equal to or greater than the determined kVA

Graco Spray Rigs: Goose-neck versus standard

The next step involves thinking about what kind of Graco spray rig will best meet your contracting business’ particular needs.

For example, a spray rig can be pulled by virtually any type of truck, whereas a gooseneck-style trailer requires a truck equipped to accommodate a fifth wheel. Also, gooseneck trailers have the ability to handle larger loads, but are harder to navigate, especially in smaller spaces.

Trailer Doors: Barn-style versus ramp-style

When considering what type of Graco spray rig to invest in, door configuration is also another consideration.

Ramp-style doors enable easy material drum handling for contractors who do not own a forklift and allow easy entry by omitting the step up. If you do not plan on using a forklift, then ramp-style doors may be a good fit.

Alternatively, barn-style doors allow for easy material drum loading with a forklift. These doors work well in extremely tight areas and allow the doors to stay cleaner compared to a ramp-style door.

Careful Planning Will Pay Off

Building out or purchasing a Graco spray rig is a significant investment.

Thorough planning and thinking about how you typically work and operate can help you enhance your investment by ensuring your Graco spray rig is customized to meet your particular needs both now and down the road.

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