4 Key Considerations When Buying Used Spray Foam Rigs

Whether you are considering expanding your SPF business or need to replace old equipment, purchasing a spray foam rig is a critical business decision. These machines require investment and can hold up a job or project if they are not functioning in top shape.

Making sure you’ve invested in a premium spray foam rig that will serve you over the long haul is essential. A malfunctioning spray foam rig or equipment costs money and time.

At first glance, a brand new, foam spray rig may seem very attractive. But for some contractors, a new premium spray foam rig may not fit in the budget.  Purchasing a quality checked used spray foam rig may be the best answer.

To help you avoid a lousy equipment decision, we’ve put together this list of four critical considerations for purchasing a used spray foam rig for your business:

Maintenance History

Even the hardiest and well-built equipment will break down without proper maintenance. This experience is especially true for compression-based machines like polyurea spray rigs. These spray foam rigs require regularly cleaned filters. Also, without proper lubrication, spray foam equipment can lock up if not operated properly. When you’re looking at a used spray rig as a potential addition to your equipment inventory, it is a good idea to request maintenance history on the box and the spray foam equipment. Don’t be afraid to carefully examine the used SPF equipment and the rig you are considering. Protect your investment by being thorough.

Evaluate The Equipment

You should also closely examine all the additional tools and equipment that come with a used spray rig. Chances are that the previous owner had the premium spray foam rig outfitted to match his operation. There are endless rig configurations and extra tools and equipment that can be added to a rig. Be sure that the equipment you need is included, and that you are not paying for expensive extras that are a waste of money. For example, do you need four stick pumps, or can you make do with two? It is also important to consider that more equipment can mean a higher likelihood that something may not have been properly maintained. When you are purchasing a used polyurea spray foam rig, don’t forget to thoroughly evaluate the equipment in addition to the rig itself.

Crew Needs

If you are not close to your crew’s day to day operations, you might consider bringing along your lead installer when evaluating a used spray foam rig for purchase. While you have a good understanding of your budget, enlisting the help of a crew member who will be using the spray foam rig can help ensure you get right rig for your investment. For example, you may purchase a rig that seems just perfect. However, your crew needs a workbench and a toolbox for storage. These are necessary add-ons that must be installed, and there needs to be room in the rig to accommodate them. Often adding this critical equipment can be rolled into the cost of the used rig.

Seller Reputation

Choosing a seller with a good reputation is a great way to mitigate many of the quality issues that some used spray foam rig purchasers encounter. Sellers and resellers with good industry reputations have a wider reach and more resources that allow them to procure and sell higher quality used spray foam rigs. When you purchase a used SPF rig from a trusted seller, you can be sure the product has been appropriately maintained because the reseller is trusting their good name for that product. Also, sellers with a good reputation have an incentive to stand behind their used products if they do not perform. Also, a good seller can also consult with you and help you choose the best polyurea spray rig for your needs.

Why You Should Consider a Used Spray Foam Rig

Purchasing any spray foam rig is an investment no matter the condition. Buying a used spray foam rig can help you save a significant portion of those costs if you conduct due diligence on the rig in advance. Reviewing a used spray foam rig’s maintenance history, evaluating the SPF equipment included, thinking thoroughly about your crew needs, and choosing a quality reseller will help you select the right polyurea spray foam rig for your business!

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